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Robin Wilson has started a social media management agency in 2013 that focused on the small business owners, helping them gain some exposure to compete with the bigger stores that have huge marketing budgets. We have conducted an interview with her.

What inspired you to deal with social media management? 
I have a strong passion for entrepreneurs and I knew that they were failing against big brands because of exposure, I was sure if I could help them to gain exposure, I could help them to succees. I determined to learn all I could about social as this seemed to be the marketing of the future for small business.

Which way you think social media is useful as marketing tool for small businesses?
The ability to target your exact demographic at the most optimal time that they are engaged with social media is huge! Other mediums cannot say who will read/see/hear your as and when they will read/see/hear it or even if it is going to be read/seen/heard be anyone who is in your target demographic. Social allows you to laser target your marketing efforts where you will get the most for your money.

What is Trello Gold about? In your new ebook you give tips and shortcuts to use this application.
Trello is a collaboration tool that allows our team to communicate with each other. Think of it like an electronic cork board, there tasks are entered and then assigned to a team member, when they are completed they are marked off and everyone knows where the team stands on items to be completed. We can also share documents, picture etc. that may be needed for a client across all teams, we would lost without it.

How do you support businesses at Social Climber Pro?
We take on the task of managing the social media marketing for businesses, from curating content, to creating all graphics, contests, and events/offers, we handle it all for them, we even actively engage with all fans and maintain reputation management by responding to cutomer issues in a timely manner and working through a resolution with the help of the business owner/manager.

What you find the most promising and the most challenging in the future of social media marketing?
The constant changes to keep the "user experience" great, seems to be the daunting part for business owners. All social platforms, from Facebook ro Linkedin, are continually trying to improve their user experience, the downside of this for marketers, is that the marketing that worked yesterday may not get the same results today. On that note, because we spend so much time saturated in the social media marketing industry, we are aware of the changes that are coming before they happen and are able to create a new strategy for the business that we represent. A savy entrepreneur knows that their time is not best spent dissecting the social media marketing changes, they left us handle that for them.

Where do you see your company in 5 years in this field?
That is a great question, this industry is changing so super fast that I feel sure that I do not know, I do know that with every new social media platform, that my team is anxiously determining the value to our business.
Owners and we will test and retest to see if the newest platforms are a viable solution for their business. To answer your question, we will be around, but knowing what the landscape will look like is impossible to tell.

How our readers can get more information about your activities?
They can follow us on Facebook at
Linkedin find me Robin Wilson
Snapchat at socialclimberpr
Instagram at @socialclimberpro
Periscope at socialclimberpr
or on your website at

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