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The Drone Marketplace

Sahil Ahmad is a maths graduate from London, UK. He is one of the founders of Multicopter Nation, The Drone Marketplace. We have conducted an interview with him.

What made you interested in drones? 
I have always had a love for anything that flies from the first time I went to the science museum as a child and got my first foam plane. Then 3 years I heard about Drones and started looking in to them. I just couldn’t believe myself that I had not heard about them before; mind you they were still in the hobby stage back then. I then ordered my first one from eBay and got practising.

How do you see the future perspective of drones? Is it a next gadget or something that is a game changer?
The future looks bright for the Drone industry. It is the game changer we have been waiting for I think. The amount of applications it can have are just to many to name but a few of them which many of you will probably have already seen are; Drone deliveries, Oil and Gas exploration, Professional filming and then we have FPV racing which has just taken off so fast! We have the very first big prize drone racing event being hosted by Dubai this March with a prize of $1 million which should give you an idea of just how big this got so quick. It will soon become the next extreme sport I believe and with more manufactures coming in and driving down prices, they are becoming cheaper for everyone to own.

You plan to create a marketplace for drones. Can you tell us more about this idea?
There are so many different small businesses out there around the world manufacturing drones and drone parts but most people would not of heard of them because they are all start-ups or are local businesses wishing to get lager exposure. I plan to bring all these businesses together and put them in front of potential buyers. I also wish to form a community here for all drone lovers and make it the go to place if you want to get your next drone or you’re very first. Why can’t we have a dedicated place for our love for drones? I plan to make sure that we do!

You mentioned etsy, ebay and Airbnb as examples for your business model. Which way your Drone Marketplace idea will embrace this new vertical shopping experience?
This will be the etsy or the Airbnb but for drones. We will have everything you want on drones in this marketplace. It will be a thriving community for people to visit and find out the latest news from our blog or start shopping for anything drone. We hope this will help consumers compare drones as well as prices and buy from a place they can trust. We will also be charging less commission then what they get charged to sell on say Amazon or Ebay and we hope this will entice them in to selling on Multicopter Nation.

What is your plan to compete effectively with ebay as a popular marketplace?
As stated above we will be charging a lower transaction fee than what ebay or amazon charge at the moment. We wish to add value to both the sellers and buyers and ehance their experience by making this a one stop shop for all drone related items. Visiting our page they will be able to keep up to date will all the latest drone releases as well as news from our blog.

When do you plan to open your Drone Marketplace? Is there any blog or website where our readers can follow your progress?
Development on the marketplace has already started and should be finished by May or June dependidng on how testing goes. In the mean time though people can visit and sign up to our updates.

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