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When Justice Comes Calling

Our guest today is Will Powell from Sutton Surrey, UK. His passion and hobby is fiction writing and we have condicted an interview with him about his latest release "When Justice Comes Calling".

How did you start work on your first full length book "When Justice Comes Calling"?
I actually did everything to entirely wrong way round funnily enough! ‘When Justice Comes Calling’ was an idea of mine that I had way back in May 2013 – I’d written about half of the original first draft over the course of several months, but hit a road block when finishing up the second act. I couldn’t quite get over that hump, so I opted to shelf it and begin work on another individual idea in November 2013 – that would become ’45 Days’, which would then be followed up by ‘Descent Into Madness’ in February 2014. After the success of those two stories, I decided to return to the full length story in the Summer of 2014, but rewrite the piece to canonically fit the world I’d created in the other two short stories; and thus, ‘When Justice Comes Calling’ was reborn.

Which other stories have you written before?
’45 Days’ was my first published piece in November 2013 about a hitman named Vincent Williams. It’s set way in the future after a third world war has ravaged England, and it has been left in the hands of an evil dictator. Vincent is your character who does horrible, inhumane things to people, but in some twisted way, believes he is doing it for the right reasons, no matter what his guilty conscience is telling him.

‘Descent Into Madness’ continued the story arc on in February 2014, told from the perspective of a victim of Vincent’s, Dean Moxley. It further explored Vincent’s mindset, but also that of a helpless soul who is powerless to escape – it is also the first real introduction to the dictator and what his motivations are.

It was at this point that I tried returning to ‘When Justice Comes Calling’ but ran into more creative problems – from that, ‘This Is Not An Exit’ was my third published piece, a meta-story that broke the 4th wall. It’s all a bit surreal, a bit crazy, but it takes a look at my creative process, as well as an in-depth look at the characters I’d created. It was like exercising my demons, it helped me tremendously in moving on and finishing ‘When Justice Comes Calling’ at long last.

Did you grieve when the character that you had developed previously had to let (him/her) 'die' in part of the story? What did you experience?
Aha, yes no spoilers here so well-worded question – but yes, it was a really poignant moment for me in the writing process. The entire piece was leading to that one scene, it had been a real slow build, we’d got inside the head of both characters, so writing the ending was pretty difficult. It makes the piece that much more powerful overall so I’m glad it went that route, I honestly toyed with several different scenarios – but ultimately, in the basic story I wanted to tell and that character journey that ‘he/her’ goes on, it was the only outcome that I think was fitting.

Name a character in your latest book who has 'inspired' you the most, and what is the most challenging aspect of crafting this character?
Without a doubt, Detective David Sheffield. In ‘When Justice Comes Calling’, he is the character I envisioned as a reflection of myself. Vincent is the cold, calculating killer, trying to come to terms with the atrocities he’s committed. Dean Moxley, the ‘villain’ of the piece, is the psychotic and unstable murderer who only wants revenge by any means necessary. David Sheffield is the ying to the yang; he had to be level-headed, balanced, but green – wet behind the ears. Bold, brave, but still frightened – not scared to let his guard down, but also protected when he needs to be. He is what I see when I look in the mirror, when I truthfully evaluate myself, and it was a blast to see that kind of character inserted into the world.

Should one of the stories chosen to be made into a film, which scene would you recommend as the most ''gripping''?
If I had it my way, I’d absolutely love to see 45 Days and Descent Into Madness combined to make a half-hour/hour long short. The introduction to Vincent Williams, the job he has and the world he finds himself in I think makes for a strong introduction – then, seeing the other side of the coin, a defenceless victim of the powers that be in Dean Moxley would be a fantastic juxtaposition. I picture it very Tarantino-esque – tense, slow-paced, but a real gripping character piece as a whole. You feel the pain of these characters, and I think as a prologue to perhaps something bigger down the line, an hour-long short combining those two stories into one narrative would be damn fun to watch.

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