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When Time Comes

Cat Nicolaou is a self-published romance author from Greece. but all her books are written in English. We have conducted an interview with her latest book and upcoming publications.

What inspired you to start writing?
What inspired me to start writing was the wedding of a relative. I wanted to show people that love will find you no matter where you are or how long it takes. And that's what "When Time Comes" is all about.

Why did you decide to publish your books in English instead of Greek?
I am a native Greek, but I’ve been taught English at a very young age. It has always fascinated me and ever since I was taught the language, my mind started functioning in English, if I can say that. I made up stories in my mind all the time as a kid as a way to practise. I used to picture myself talking with people in various situations, exclusively in English. I think writing in another language helps me open up.

The only time I wrote in Greek was when I took part in a Harlequin competition this year. I got 12th place, unfortunately, and only the first ten stories were published by them. But I translated that story and you can find it as a bonus story on my “When Time Comes” e-book.

Your first book "When Times Comes" received very positive feedback. Especially, they liked the way you shaped the character of Athena. What made her so special?
I think the reason my readers find Athena so special is that she feels very real, nothing more than an ordinary person. She has no idea that she could be anything more than that to anyone else, least of all a singer with a global reputation. She has to overcome her own insecurities in order to express her true feelings to Alex and explain the reasoning behind the decisions she made.

I try to make all my characters seem like people one might encounter in real life as well. We all face problems in relationships and though my stories have a happy ending, I like to torment my characters before they find a happy resolution.

What are you working on right now? Any plans about future publications?
I am planning to publish three more books this year. The first two will come out in February: a collection of short stories and flash fiction, called “A Life of Tales” and a romance novella, called “Teach a Teacher a Lesson”. The second one, however, will not be on Amazon but offered for free to all new subscribers to my website.

The third one is a romantic comedy, titled “Redneck Cinderella”. I wrote this one as a NaNoWriMo project and it will come out later this year, probably around Easter.

Where can our readers get more information about your books?

They can find more about me and my books on my website:

They are welcome to follow me on my social media pages and have a chat with me. I would also like to inform your readers that I am running a giveaway on Goodreads. They can enter to win a signed copy of “When Time Comes. 

Both the e-book and the paperback will be on a reduced price until the end of February when my new book will launch.

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