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Angel House

Our guest tonight is Angelique Bey (St. Louis, MO), the owner of Angel House, LLC. She makes all natural body products consisting of the finest ingredients. We have conducted an interview with her.

What kind of all natural body products do you make?
I make natural body products that help your body in multiple ways. Here are some examples.
● Decongest ­
Helps relieve chest and sinus congestion. It can be applied to the chest or under the nose.
● Head to Toe ­
Helps relieve dry skin and eczema. It can be applied anywhere on the body. It is very gentle and can even be used as a hair and scalp oil.
● Salve­ation ­
Helps relieve sore muscles and aching joints. Many people have used it for arthritis relief. It can also be used to moisturize dry skin.

Who is it recommended for?
So far, Angel House customers range from 3 years old to 90 + years old! The products are recommended for anyone who wants to use products made from natural ingredients.

How did you discover the choice of ingredients for your products? What criterion do you based on?
I have researched the benefits of various essential oils and carrier oils. I combine them in ways to make the best and most effective natural products. The ingredients have to be high quality. I always use organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is used in all of the Angel House body products.

Which are your two top selling products?
My two top selling products are Salve­ation and Head to Toe. Decongest, Beard Balm and Lip Balm are becoming more popular each day!

What are the benefits of using and applying "Head to Toe"?
Head to Toe is beneficial because it is so gentle. It has no fragrance, so people with very sensitive skin can use it. It includes grapeseed oil which is very mild and jojoba oil which mimics skin’s sebum. Sebum is an oil that our bodies naturally produce. The beeswax in this product is anti-inflammatory and conditions the skin.

How special is "Salve­ation"?
Salve­ation is special for multiple reasons. It is the first product I created, so that makes it special on a personal level. It is also special because it is magical. Angel House customers have applied it and within 5 minutes they often feel relief from whatever was causing them pain! I love hearing their stories. They want to purchase it for friends and family members because they have had so much success with it. Customers have also shared new uses of this product. Some has used it for burns and blemishes and others use it before exercising to reduce the pain felt during recovery. The three essential oils in Salve­ation are an amazing combination. They pack a powerful punch!

What are its contents and ingredients?
Salve­ation ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, beeswax

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