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Awash in Talent

Jessica Knauss’s contemporary paranormal novel, Awash in Talent, is participating in a Kindle Scout campaign through February 28. You can make sure it gets published and help the author in ways she’ll truly appreciate with two easy, fun clicks at this link. We have conducted an interview with Jessica.

What will the readers who nominate Awash in Talent get?
All readers who nominate Awash in Talent will receive an exclusive early reader copy before publication, for free. The novel comes at no obligation to read it or to leave a review, although that’s certainly the hope. It would mean the world to me for Awash in Talent to win this contract. Readers who nominate it are doing me a favor! I will be forever grateful.

Why did you choose to write this contemporary paranormal set in Providence, Rhode Island?
I dreamed about a girl who discovers her supernatural powers after an operation. When I sat down to write about it, the narrator turned out to be this girl’s cynical sister, Emily. Emily hates her sister being more special than she is, and does everything she can to get away from her, to get to a place where Emily can be special. The first logical step was for Emily to go to college 3000 miles away from her sister, in beautiful Providence. I lived there for five years, and Awash in Talent is in no small measure my love letter to the Renaissance City.

Who is your favorite character in the story? Do you craft her as a multi-layered and genuine character in your novel?
Although there are many other characters who are more appealing or who have a deep relationship with my real life, Emily is my favorite because she’s irresistible to write. Her single-mindedness means I can take her actions far beyond their logical conclusions. Does everything seem normal? Give Emily minute to turn it upside down! In the final part of Awash in Talent, Emily sees a therapist, and I did meticulous research to make sure her reactions were plausible, even if uncomfortable, from a psychological perspective.

What unusual experience(s) can your readers expect in Awash in Talent?
Aside from some characters who can make objects fly around the room without touching them, some who can set fires just by thinking about it, and others who can read minds? Awash in Talent also has a trip to Ethiopia, a bizarre school presentation, underage driving in the snow, a fire at a hospital, and more than one incident involving the pull tabs from soda cans.

What is the key theme in Awash in Talent?
Love, or what people think is love, in all its good and bad forms. The love-hate between sisters; an all-consuming, unreciprocated obsession; newly blossoming teen romance; a daughter missing her mother; and a marriage based on misconceptions are just some of the relationships in this ensemble piece.

Please check out Awash in Talent and share the Kindle Scout link with the readers in your life. You’ll receive an update with the results of the campaign, whatever the outcome.

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