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Dance Küngdom: The Path To O W’s Secret Style

Jean Walker is a former journalist and an active QiGong-practitioner with a deep passion for Mother Nature, and a love for the dance of life in general. We have conducted an interview with him.

When did you start being an active QiGong-practitioner?
I started out with my Qi Gong-adventure about 15 years ago.

How did you discover your love for the dance of life?
That's an interesting question. I certainly regard Wuji Hundun Qi Gong Kungfu as the ultimate dance of life, yet with the knowledge about the fact that absolutely everything is in a constant movement it's easy to say that this state of fluxuation should be called the true dance of life. So as you see it all boils down to how we define this beautiful reality we're presented with. Following the advice of Buddha I choose to go for something a little in between and say that it all started when I discovered the ways of meditation in my early twenties. Learning from the wise master Jiddu Krishnamurti I started to explore my inner self in a fascinating fashion. A couple of years later I stumbled upon Qi Gong for the first time on an interesting documentary on the TV, covering this ancient dance from China. I instantly became very curious, and wanting to know more on the subject I invested in a couple of books on the web. One of these was written by a certain master Garri Garripoli and quickly became my bible. His exquisite and precise way of presenting Qi Gong as a form of moving meditation nailed me right in the solar plexus. I felt bitten by a stealty snake, forever enthralled in its mysterious ways.

What inspires you to write the biography-based fiction story ''Dance Küngdom: The Path To O W’s Secret Style"?
My inspiration to write my own book about this 5000-year old healing dance lies first of all in these clevery designed breathing-exercises itself. The way it introduced my to the slow yet steady rythm of Mother Nature deserved to be painted with words. Yet what inspired me the most was undoubtedly Gaya herself. My journey with Her, from the naked tinds of the Hardanger-plains, aka The roof of Europe, to the elegant, yet also extremely dirty encounter off the streets of Copenhagen, found its way into a book very naturally actually. Recharging my batteries and getting some warmth in the windy and wintermuted danish capitol I quickly became a regular in its many fine libraries. Utilising its exellent offers I started to describe how I stumbled upon the beauty of Mother Nature cleverly given room in the foundation of this northern cornerstone of the european continent. My dog, my Qi Gong-bible, and my writing helped me through the harsh winter without any money at all. Also worth mentioning is the impressive effort and love I stumbled upon from the churches and the army of christian volounteers. This was a true eyeopener for me, hence the bible and its message became an important source of inspiration throughout the process.

How do you handle your emotions in turning your real-life story into fiction?
Admittedly that was a quite tricky and challenging part to begin with. But at some point during the process I developed a technique were I carefully involved my fantasy into my real-life experiences without loosing touch with reality. This opened up a new dimension for me and my feelings became easier for me to handle. The fact that my fascination and love for poetry also had an important role all along, only helped me out in this regard. Through the poems I found room for the emotions I felt building up inside of me as I transformed my journey into fiction.

What is essentially important for you to craft your story with such flexibility and balance?
The essence for me throughout the process was to find ways for my deep-rooted love of Mother Nature to shine through every word and every description I chose. This was very difficult because I came to the conclusion that Her language is really a song, hence the term Mother Music have evolved over time I suspect. My solution was first of all to get inspiration from songs and music of all kinds. This is also why I have given a lot of room for detailed descriptions of several different adventures of mine taken from festivals and clubs I've visited throughout my life. Also featured as an important part of our planet's fauna is my 20-year long loveaffair with the smokey princess Mary Jane. She's been an uplifting part of my life and was with me from the high mountains to the inner city, always guiding me towards Mother Nature's slowrolling groove. Besides that I would like to add that my fascination for different languages also became a tool for me to get my love tweaked into the story in an effective and balanced way, I think. And with a keen eye towards everything from the vikings and the native americans to Walt Whitman and Conn Iggulden I somehow manage to present a somewhat broad perspective in this relatively short story on about 100 pages, featuring my life to live. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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