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David Escalona (Dj DAVE.E ) is a graduate of Piano and classical percussion of Professional Music school in Holguin, Cuba. We have conducted an interview with him about his new CD "Around You".

How do you describe the music you have created? Which genre does it belong?
My stage name is DJ DAVE.E and I have studied classical music in the specialty of Piano and Percussion. I have graduated as a professional musician in Holguin, Cuba. I am currently Composer, Arranger and DJ Producer, so I am finishing my CD called "Around You" that is Electronic Music (DANCE, HOUSE, CHILL OUT) and Pop. You can hear some themes on and

Who is the most influential composers in jazz history that you like most?
All music and arrangements are made by me and all texts by my Dad who is also a pianist and Jazz musician. All these are influenced by elements of Jazz, Latin rhythms and Tropical rhythms, as they are with those who have grown up in America and somehow form my musical ideas.

Which prizes and awards have you receive in Jazz Composition? 
I have won several 'First' places and prizes in Jazz Composition in Holguin.

What do you plan to achieve in the next 5 years?
We are currently finishing the CD from electronic music and Pop in the company of my father's music based in Obfelden Switzerland and soon we will begin to perform at concerts in Miami, Cuba and Asia for 2016.

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