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Elizabeth O. Moore Photos

Elizabeth O. Moore is an artist and photographer from Santa Barbara, CA. She has been working on sharing 14 days of flowers (a count down to Valentine's Day). We have conducted an interview with her.
  Elizabeth O. Moore Photos

When did you start to become a photographer of flowers?
I have study photography since high school and continued in college. About three years ago I went on a flower farm tour and took a couple snap shoots. I liked the way they came out and went back again to improve on my technique.

Tell me about your background as an artist?
I am a graphic designer by trade. I went to school for media arts and design.

How many photographs of flowers have you been sharing?
I have been sharing 14 flower beautiful photos.

And why this number?
I decide it would be fun to do a count down to Valentine’s Day with 14 different flowers, which people could share for free. So, I started tweeting on February 1st and the project will end on February 14th. If, you want to follow along on Twitter visit my @shareflowers account, I have also been using the (hashtag) #ShareValentineFlowers.

What is your objective and goals for this campaign?
Share the beauty of flowers with as many people as I can. It would be a real kick for me to reach a million people and put a smile on their face. I have found that flowers bring Smiles, Wows’ and Thank You’s. Like many artists it is hard to find a community of people that enjoy one’s artwork and who would consider buying it, so I can produce more photos, contribute to society and give back to those in need.

What is your advice for people who want to capture a great photograph of a delicate flower like this above, the Black Sabbath Orchid?
Use natural sunlight; don’t set up artificial lights because they can overwhelm the color of the flowers.

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