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Everyone Is A Supermodel: Secrets For Any Career Based On My Modelling Experiences

Keli Lenfield is a published author, course developer, internationally accredited achievement coach and workshop facilitator. She focuses on raising awareness, improving intercultural understanding and helping others find their talents and achieve their successful careers. We have conducted an inteview with her.

Why did you choose to specialise in Personal Branding? 
Personal branding actually chose me. After spending more than 20 years in the most competitive industry on the planet and then moving into vocational education, it dawned on me that the skills I had learned and was applying regarding my own desires and opportunities were applicable for anyone trying to start a business, apply for a position or ask for work experience. I have taken personal branding one step further by personalising the process, thus empowering the individual and removing any type of peer comparison.

Did modelling change you in any way?
Absolutely! Modelling is a brilliant industry to be involved in and I loved every minute of the exceptional life I led, albeit briefly. It taught me resilience, improved my competitive streak and it's undermining side was a lesson in self love (or lack thereof as it happens). I look back at what I did in my late teens/early twenties and know I can do anything.

What other aspects besides being a model that contributes to your writing for the book "Everyone Is A Supermodel: Secrets For Any Career Based On My Modelling Experiences"?
The book was a spin off from a course I had written in the vocational education space. When I was training I always put my hand up for the long term unemployed, the early school leavers and at-risk kids, knowing full well that they also have a special skill that the 7 cores skills in the book could help them discover, believe in, improve and implement. My own personal and professional development story contributes to this book - transparency is key.

What kind of social projects are you involved in?
I am honoured to be the Ambassador for the Single Pride project in Uganda. The project aims to provide micro-finance and entrepreneur skills for single mothers to help elliviate their present circumstances and empower them to take charge and support their families - without handouts! I am also the co-founder of Model Alliance.Global which is a global collective of socially responsible individuals and brands who endorse fair trade for people and actively participate in the ethical treatment of models. Model Alliance.Global is a member of the National Eating Disorder Collaborative (NEDC), an Industry Partner with Griffith University and are backed by the largest insurance company in the world. We have created a charter based on the three principles of transparency, respect and professionalism.

Will there be a sequel or continuation to your book? What are your plans?
Yes. I am presently researching my second book which is a kind of continuation of "Everyone is a Supermodel .." but more focused on social sustainability. Apart from that I am flat out building Model Alliance.Global to be a major influencer of change, negotiating terms and opportunities with The Grameen Foundation for Single Pride and being a single mum to my very active 5 year old son!

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