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FINQU is the fastest growing ecommerce platform in the Nordics. We have conducted an interview with them.

How easy is it for someone who wishes to start an online store on your fastest growing e-commerce platform?
It is very easy, you can get your store built in 5 minutes. And it’s completely free to build it so the customer can take his / her time to plan it and design it.

Finqu uses a very simple live editor so that the merchant can build and see how his or her store will look like in the easiest way.

What kind of development effort in SEO that makes your service different from your competitors?
Many years knowledge and development on SEO makes our service high ranked in results and of course content is king.

Which is one of your most important goals for online shoppers?
We always aim to make our service as easy as possible for our merchants and shoppers, whatever sales channel you use the shopping experience is always very enjoyable.

Where did you get your inspirations for your business model?
Drugs and Booze. Just kidding, we got our inspiration from our competitor’s flaws and that way we designed and built a platform that solves all the issues others have.

How is your pricing like? What do you mean exactly by 'Revolutionized Pricing'?
Our price is amazing, and it has been researched that it’s actually the most affordable price on the market. You can start and build your online store without any costs, you only have to pay for it once it’s been published. And there is no time restriction on building and designing it. So our Revolutionized pricing is based on having one price with all the features included.

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