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From the Killer's Eyes

Morgan Amos is a 28 year old Chicago native. She was born with Cerebral palsy. Morgan has a passion for writing and appreciates the fact that writing provides people with another form of expression. Morgan is the author of From the Killer’s Eyes, Journalist for VMH Magazine, Book Reviewer, Ghostwriter. We have conducted an interview with her.

Where is the unlikeliest source of inspiration for your book: "From the Killer's Eyes"?
The unlikeliest source? That’s an interesting question. The unlikeliest source for my book From the Killer’s Eyes" actually would have to be reading other novels that are within my genre. While you can find inspiration from doing this, I find it to be a bit difficult for me because I feel as if it takes away from my creativity. I then feel as if my book has to be like the other novels in my genre in some way when in actuality, there’s room for all authors in all genres.

What is one brutally honest truth about being a Ghostwriter?
You have to have patience, a thick skin and despite giving your all with the work that you may write for others, there may be times where the other person doesn’t follow through with the arrangements that you both agreed upon. You have to have the necessary tools in place to protect yourself if a situation like this should arise and understand that it’s ok to move forward from it. It was all part of a learning experience.

How would you write in 3 sentences to describe your passion in writing?
I love what I do, so my passion for writing is a love that’s so deep. I welcome the opportunity to continue to learn and grow regarding new and past experiences as this also defines my passion for writing, and I’ve learned that as a writer, you should never let anyone’s negativity of who you are and what you write deter from being your best and complete self because not everyone can do and accomplish what we can as writers, and I think that in itself is a passion.

Do you think a writer’s muse is real? Why/why not?
I do think a writer’s muse is real because as writers and just in general, you can gather so much inspiration from various things that will motivate you to write that next blog, write that next poem and even write that next book.

Which kinds of books do you write book reviews on? Which new genre(s) do you wish to undertake in the near future?
I write book reviews for both fiction and nonfiction books. For fiction, I tend to review autobiographies/memoirs and for nonfiction, I focus on mystery/thriller/suspense novels. Honestly, I welcome any and all genres in the near future. I think as part of a writer and book reviewer, it’s important to step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to grow and expand on whatever it is that you love doing.

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