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Give while getting

Eric Fulks is from Wisconsin, USA. His website is donating 100% of profit to charity. One of those charities helps bipolar disorder, depression and suicide awareness. He also partners with companies who donate, help give jobs to women in 3rd world countries and also young girls rescued from the sex trade. We have conducted an interview with him.

What inspires you into this tie-scarf business and charitable work?
I am bipolar and I have struggled with depression and suicide for a long time. Only recently have I found a solution, or set of solutions, to truly help. I have also volunteered my whole life from working with youth at the YMCA and a church to giving out blankets to the homeless on Christmas eve or helping a no kill dog shelter. I met a woman who tied her scarf like a tie and I thought it was ingenious and I love scarves so I thought why not start a blog but then I came across vendors who also donate or help with charity and so I started the process of selling.

Which is one of the most challenging aspects in this business of tie-scarfs?
The most challenging aspect is trying to balance work (my day job) with social activities and my photography hobby/business and then build a business.

Why is your preference to donate 100% of your profits to help people with bipolar disorders, depression and suicide?
I want to donate 100% of profits to charity not just to help with bipolar etc but to help with clean water, to provide jobs in 3rd world countries and to help the homeless. I am doing this because I don't want my business to be about me. I want it to be about helping and improving the world.

Besides your foundation as those charities, which areas do you give job opportunities to?
I am going to work with people who have felonies, people who are recovering addicts and people with mental disabilties. I also am having scarves made by girls rescued from the sex trade and giving 100% of the proceeds of those sales back to the shelter.

You have a great idea of "Give while getting", how do you intend to implement it and what are your goals?
Giving while getting just came to me really cause I thought it would be great if people could fund charities and still get something. I think it is great all the companies doing something to help but I want 100% of what we do to be about change. My goals are to grow the website to enough sales to have an impact on multiple charities but more than that on 100’s if not 1000’s of lives. I want to then start other websites selling one product and again donate 100% of profit to charities. My goal is to literally change the world.

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