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Erika M Szabo is a writer. She writes fantasy for young adults and also writes fun, educational, bilingual books for children. We have conducted an interview with her.

How different is being a Publishing Coach as compared to a YA Fantasy book writer?
Being a Publishing Coach pays the bills, and writing fantasy novels and children's books is a hobby that I'm very passionate about. Actually, I love being a Publishing Coach too. I meet a lot of wonderful aspiring writers, and I help them to fulfill their dream of publishing their books. Read about what I do:

What is your fantasy series about?
The Ancestors’ Secrets series is a young adult epic fantasy with magical, paranormal powers, ancient legends, good versus evil, and time travel. I incorporated some historical facts and legends into the magical realism/fantasy story about my ancestors, the Huns. (I was born and raised in Hungary, and I live in the United States.) Iona, the main character of the two books series, lives in the real world, but because of her heritage, she develops special powers. She is longing for love and a simple, satisfying life as a doctor. What she doesn’t expect is to get caught up in the world ruled by dark clan members, the customs of ancient tribes and love interests that are far less innocent than they first appear. In the story, Ilona has to face danger, defeat evil and unite her people while trying to understand her feelings for her best friend, Bela, and why she finds Zoltan so irresistible at first sight. 
Protected by the Falcon:
Chosen by the Sword:

What inspires you to write about respecting and accepting people with disability, Look, I can Talk with My Fingers?
I'm a nurse by profession, and it makes me sad that most people judge others quickly by their disability and forget the person. People with disability are forced to deal with curious stares, ridicule, and a lot of times with discrimination just because they happened to be in a wheelchair, they’re hearing impaired or have other disabilities. In this fun picture book, a little girl teaches her family and her friends how to relate to someone who is hearing impaired. The story also carries an important message for children, how to learn not to judge or make fun of anyone just because they’re different. The life of any disabled person is no fun and living with a disability has many challenges, but we can help to make their life easier and not harder.
Look, I Can Talk With My Fingers:
The Spanish version of the book:

Why did you choose English/Spanish? Do you have plans to write in other languages or adapt your books to multi-languages?
I chose English and Spanish for my books because these are the two languages that are used by most people, especially in the US. My next project is to publish the books in Hungarian because I speak the language, I just have to find the time to translate the books.

Why did you choose a parrot for your illustrated bilingual book, Pico, The Persky Parrot, to send the message that we have to try not to judge anyone before we get to know them?
I chose a parrot because they can learn to talk and they speak funny, so the words they’re saying are easy to misunderstand or could be viewed as mere gibberish sounds. Everyone thinks that Pico is just an annoying bird, but as soon as Pedro realizes that the bird is frustrated and speaks Spanish, not just screeching, annoying bird, they change their mind about him. My main purpose with this bilingual book is to show children the beauty of another language, and that learning a new language doesn’t have to be boring, it could be fun. Children can compare the two languages side by side in the book and learn a few words while they’re reading the story. The story also delivers a message that when we don’t take the time to listen to each other, we tend to judge others quickly before we get to know them or try to understand them.
Pico, The Pesky Parrot:

What is the result of your "Read for Animals" project? Which are the two books published in the anthology series?
The Read for Animals project is going very slowly. We only sell a few books here and there. The slow sales are due to the lack of advertisement and promotion. But, if we spend money on advertisement, it would defeat the purpose of charity and there would be no money left to donate to animal shelters. However, since the two books were published, we donated $100 to two animals shelters, and we're just a few sales away from donating the third $100.

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