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How to find Your Mr. Right

Siggy Buckley is an author of 2 novels, several travelogs and short stories. She is a German college teacher who became organic farmer's Wife in Ireland, then matchmaker and owner of dating agency and owner of wine import business. Farming broke up her marriage she remarried in Florida & writes. We have conducted an interview with her.

Of the 2 novels and several travelogs as well as short stories which you have written, which is your favourite? Why
My favorite is my first memoir: Next Time Lucky. After a marriage of 18 years I found myself in the same situation as countless others, in fact millions of separated and divorced people who want to have a fresh start and face the dilemma of finding a new partner. The world has changed and with it dating rules that were different when we found our first love in earlier years.

What do you think a person on rebound should look out for and be cautious about?
Divorced people (on the rebound), when they choose to go on dating sites need to know that many people hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. Many lie about their looks, weight, situation etc. in order to appear more desirable and datable. When you actually meet them in person, you may be in for a surprise. In general, divorced people often carry emotional baggage around that can be a burden on a new relationship. Safety is paramount!

How did 'farming broke up your marriage'?
In almost 10 years I spent on the farm, the priority for my then husband was any farming issue, not the happiness or wishes of his wife and children. We worked almost 24/7 every day of the year.WE had no holidays etc. only work and i had married an academic, not a farmer.

Is it any different to launch and run a dating service in Dublin? What leads you to the matchmaker business?
Dublin & Ireland had a long standing matchmaking tradition, which made it acceptable to start such a business. I provided a service for people in the same situation, I empathized with them and they knew I wasn't in it only for the money. I bought a British franchise which provided many benefits in getting the business of the ground, the expertise and training. I would happily start another such service here in Florida or elsewhere although online chatrooms and apps seem to have taken over.Time constrictions justify a matchmaker, a headhunter for your love life.

Do you think there is an existence of a 'Mr. Right' for every woman? What are your personal views about finding the 'Mr. Right'? 
 Regarding Mr. Right: Only the customer can judge if it feels right. Some people turn out only to be "Mr. Right Now". It is not my favorite expression, because it implies that there is only one who is right for you or that the person is perfect.But no person is perfect. Love/marriage is hard work.You have to make it right every day. There are people who make it too difficult on themselves.Nobody is right for them because they are not happy in themselves or have too high expectations. In spite of over 800 dating apps, often many highly educated people remain single. I advise them to read my chapters on dating at the end of the 2nd version of my book: How to find Your Mr. Right.
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