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Incongruity - Contradiction - Cognitive Dissonance

Martin Swan from Norwich, UK is an Assemblage Artist - Master Practitioner of Neuro linguistic Programming - Systems Thinker. We have conducted an interview with him.

How did you begin your journey as a Master Practitioner of NLP?
My journey into NLP was prompted by my desire to understand the purpose behind behaviour.

What is in 'Cognitive Dissonance' in humanity that attracts you to this field?
Cognitive Dissonance is responsible for some of the most uncomfortable feelings that we experience.

What is the challenge about being an Assemblage Artist?
The greatest challenge of my art is to provoke feelings (comfortable or uncomfortable) in others which lead to deeper thinking.

Who is your favourite major works /artist(s) in the Dadaism?
DaDaism encompasses many of the concepts that I am trying to get across - I have no preferences.

What do you seek to demonstrate through your work? What kind of emotions do you want to invoke or provoke with your art pieces?
The feelings invoked by my work can be positive or negative it does not matter which, albeit negative feelings usually betray something deeper within the person experiencing them.

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