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Interview with Antoinette Ortega

Antoinette Ortega is an Entertainment Writer based in Los Angeles, CA. She personally writes articles for Super Producer James A. Worthy in Atlanta, Singer and Reality Star, Sara Stokes and Platinum Producer/Singer B. Howard in L.A. We have conducted an interview with her.

Who are you and where are you from? 
My name is Antoinette Ortega aka AO and I am an Entertainment Writer and Motivational speaker here in Los Angeles, CA. I am from Stockton, CA and moved to Southern California in 2015.

Who are the key people in your life who motivates you and inspires you?
My parents are my inspiration. My father passed when I was 18 years old and before he passed he told me that he wanted me to be happy for me and not anyone else. I took that advice literally once he left this earth. Both my mother and father told me to be better than them and to do as they say, but not as they do. I learned so much from them when it came to life and making decisions for myself. They are what keeps me going and why I will not give up on my dreams.

What makes you go beyond the limits for success?
My family is what keeps me going, because everything I do is for my family. When I look at my mother or grandparents, I see myself eventually taking care of them to where they do not have to worry about who will help them with this and that. They are why I go far and beyond the average person and continue to strive for success.

What do you aim to achieve in the motivational speaking world?
My goals are to target the youth and families in the communities. I want to be a voice for the young boys and girls that they normally wouldn’t have. I used to be that child that wasn’t able to get my voice heard so I pledge to be just that for them in whatever way is necessary. I want the youth to know that you all are capable of being who you want to be in life despite adversity. Life is not easy, but it’s up to us on how bad we want it.

What are your dreams?
I dream of being one of the top paid women speakers in the world traveling all over the world making a positive change in families lives. As far as Entertainment writing goes, I strive to write for some of the major networks in Entertainment such as; B.E.T, FOX, and so forth.

Who do you currently write for in the music industry?
I am currently the personal writer for Super Producer James A. Worthy who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He has worked with some very prominent artists in the music industry today and I am proud to be working with him. I also write exclusively for Platinum Producer and Singer, B. Howard. He is very musically talented in all ways and proud to be a go to person for him and his management.

How do you help DJs, artists and models to gain more exposures?
I have connections with different Independent Radio, Blogs, Magazines and etc. I write various articles in each publication and help promote their whole brand.

Where are most of your writing (marketing) works published?
My latest work is published with I also have works in London Leblanc’ Magazine (International Entertainment Magazine). The Leak, Grindaholik Radio based in OKC and What’s Good Magazine in New York City area. I am constantly evolving my writing skills and working with different magazines to help my clients with more media outlets.

How can people get ahold of you on social media?

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