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Interview with hair colorist Marc Antony

Marc Antony is an award winning hair colorist and former member of the Wella National Education team that was responsible for educating salons on the art of hair color across the United States. He lives in New York City and recently joined the team at the Marc Harris Salon located at 160 Columbus Avenue, within the Equinox Sports Complex on the Upper West Side. We have conducted an interview with him.

What leads you to become a hair colorist? 
A month after graduating high school, I decided to study cosmetology, during my first week of training as a stylist, I became fascinated with the art of hair coloring. I immersed myself into learning about the science, art and techniques utilized in the of hair coloring industry. The art of coloring came easily to me. I've always loved the effect colors and how colors have the ability to change everything. In life everything colorful, seems so alive and I think it is the same with hair. The slightest color adjustment can make hair come to life and really make a big difference in not only how a person looks, but also how they feel. I believe that a true colorist, and I mean someone like myself who specializes primarily as a colorist, has a natural understanding of how color will enhance a clients' appearance. In the end it is all about how to making my clients feel and look great!

Tell us about where you work?
I currently work at the Marc Harris Salon in New York City 212 858 5898. The Marc Harris Salon group is an award winning salon group out of Boston, Massachusetts that has been around for more than 20 years now. We believe in providing superior, quality service at an exceptional value to all our clients. The Marc Harris salon groups entry into the New York City market begun with the opening of it's first salon at 160 Columbus Avenue inside the Equinox Sports Club on the Upper West side of Manhattan. The salon is located on the lower level of the gym; a real retreat and zen space for our clients from the hectic day to day life in New York. We have been so well received in the city that this spring we are expanding to a second New York location; again with the Equinox Sports club, at 45 Rockefeller Plaza.

What is the current trend in hair colors?
Currently we are exiting the trend of Ombre hair color. Ombre is a uni-dimensional hair coloring technique that deposits heavy color at the base of the hair shaft, with gradual diffusion to a lighter shade on the ends. The result is a "grown-in look" color job that is low maintenance. I have a very stylish, youthful female clientele base who rely on to me to keep them current, natural and beautiful. Many of my clients informed me that they were getting tired of the Ombre look and they wanted to do something that would brighten their hair color in a multi-dimensional manner that did not require a lot of maintenance. I have started transitioning my clients to a technique I refer to as Veiling. Veiling is a technique where I strategically apply miniature highlights to the hair thus recreating the effect of children's highlights; small delicate highlights that are more even with only a few striking pieces. After the highlights are placed, a veil of color is applied throughout to blend in the highlights. The end result is a very soft, multi-dimensional highlighting effect that resembles the natural glow of children's hair when it's kissed by the sun. This technique works well with all colors in the hair spectrum be it blondes, reds, and brunettes.

What is the secret to achieving a perfect hair color?
I am not sure how you would define perfect hair color. To me perfect hair color job, is color that makes my client feel confident, sexy and beautiful. If I achieve such a goal, then I think that is the perfect color for that client. I try to find out as much as possible during my consultation in reference to the likes and dislikes of my clients, how they spend their days, what their lifestyle is like, do they wear makeup and professionally the industry whereby they are employed. This information enables me to determine the type of color job to perform that the client can realistically maintain. I am also able to discern whether a client want a more natural or a vibrant look; or if they simply want a vibrant color statement. I will not execute a high maintenance color job on someone who does not have the time to maintain their color with regular salon visits and home care. This would not make sense as such a color job would be unsuitable for a client who does not have the time. A professional colorists has so many tools at their disposal, when it comes to hair coloring, that they can satisfy a clients' needs while being true to the lifestyles they lead.

What kind of tips for care do you give to your clients?
I have been a hair colorist now for over 25 years. I work closely with my clients, who spend good money on their hair, to make sure that they take the best care and maintain their color. I always recommend a shampoo and conditioner for them that is appropriate for their particular hair texture, color and lifestyle. I always advice my clients to skip a day or two between washes to allow their natural scalp oils to get into their hair and condition it naturally. In addition, I always suggest at home salon products and or treatments to help keep their hair healthy; as well as natural treatments such as vinegar or beer washes. These treatments help to restore the hair's pH back to a natural level and closes down the hair's surface layer giving their hair a mirror like shine and softness whilst locking in the color longer. These home maintenance remedies are time efficient and easy to execute in about fifteen minutes. For example, a client can mix beer or white Vinegar with their daily conditioner, applying it all over and combing the solution through. Afterward they then apply a plastic cover be it a bag or saran wrap and wait for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing out thoroughly. At first clients are skeptical, but once they perform this technique and see the resultant glow it has on their hair, they become believers! Overall, I love using color as a medium in transforming the way my clients look and feel.

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