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Life, Beauty and the Journey

Katherine Appello is a songwriter, poet, blogger from NYC.  Though she has fibromyalgia she hopes to inspire via arts. We have conducted an interview with her.

What does your integrated series of products consist of?
The seminars meditations and music are all meant to bring people to contemplation, understanding inspiration, and empowerment on some level.

What songs and in which genre have you written before?
I have mostly written in the Pop, and Spiritual and a few Folk pieces in regards to what is going on in the political arena.

Which is your greatest skill set and what are your strengths in the Liberal Arts arena?
Artistically I also love to take photos of nature, particularly as the seasons change and come in, and I hope to get into photography more and also more into composing as well, practice more on keyboard. I have a portable one at home.

What are your wishes with your existing background and experiences?
I hope to use my music and spiritual inclination, not religious per se, but spiritual, Christian spiritual, to really inspire, and empower people to live a more aware, contemplative life, thus hopefully have a better society. If there is anything else you would like to ask, or fans would like to know, I would be happy to answer.

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