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Morgan goes to Art school

Morgan Falk is a 19 year old artist living in a small town called Atchison, IS. She paints, sketches, and draws in the regular doing landscapes, portraits, or abstract pieces. We have conducted an interview with her.

When did you discover your artistic talents?
I've always enjoyed the arts... As a young girl, I spent most of my time drawing. At around six or seven i illustrated a book that was published called 'a heart daddy for Chrissy".

How do you describe your art style and what are your artistic strengths?
My style tends to be more on the abstract end even if I'm doing something like a portrait or a landscape simply because I enjoy employing different styles into every piece that I do. My strengths in art is in painting and drawing using watercolor paints, chalk pastels, lead, and acrylic paint.

What are your goals?
My goals in life are that after I hopefully am able to attend art school... I'll start branching out and talking to galleries to get some of my pieces put on display in them. I've already spoken to a gallery about showing my pieces and am selling them at a local art store. After I attend art school I want to do commissions for a while, bring some art into people's lives and then when I get older and more comfortable in the art world to have some connections, I'd like to open up my own gallery.

Right now I'm working as a CNA, selling pieces of art, and I've set up a gofundme to try to be able to afford college. I'll do what it takes to afford to go to art school because I believe that the world needs art. A world without art is a world without hope and beauty.

What kind of landscapes, portraits, abstract pieces of art do you create?
As a general rule, my pieces stick to lighter shades of colors instead of their darker cousins...I do not not do hyper realism as of yet but I am always looking to expand upon my style and learn knew ways to improve myself and my art.

Which is your most sellable kinds of art work?
My most sellable pieces are abstract acrylic paintings and chalk pastel drawing along with landscapes done using watercolor, acrylic, or pastels. My abstract pieces use a lot of symbolism through colors.

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