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Sabrina Luxury Collection

Sabrina Piccinin, owner and founder of Sabrina Luxury Collection. The collection caters to different traveler preferences to the most popular destinations. We have conducted an interview with Sabrina.

Why Sabrina Luxury Collection is not listed on VRBO or others listing sites like FlipKey?
Because I offer unique and personalise service, my service can not be listed in a listing site and choosing/selecting a place where to spend your vacation is not only about the house but the all experience

What people say about you?
Clients are always happy to hear from me and becomes friends. They like the fact I always answer the phone when they call and go above and beyond to accomplish their requests.

How does a day or a week as a "Luxury villa rentals expert" looks like?
I don't have a real schedule my focus is to inspire people. So I add inspected and great properties, look to add Your day will be busy and varied - no two days will ever be the same I wake up early in the morning around 5,50 am. Have my coffee check my e-mails. I am available for my clients 24/7 and I love to call them and talk to them. I do set up a real interview and I like to find out what they really want. I am not one of those agents that likes talking clients into renting something they don’t really love. I schedule inspections to the new villa additions.

Is Sabrina your real name? How did you get inspired to run a business like this, what is your story?
Yes, Sabrina is my name. Sabrina Luxury Collection is the collection of what is luxury from renting a villa to the all experience. My love of and desire to travel began as a child living in Italy and spending time with my grandparents. During the 30s, my grandmother was the manager of a luxury hotel in Paris and my grandfather the bellman. This was a grand place where both middle class and noble travellers chose to stay in this beautiful city. I was always excited to listen to my grandparents’ stories about their experiences while working there and all of the wonderful people they met. My grandmother was the queen of hospitality.

Although she retired from hotel life after the war, her house was always full of guests and friends she treated like royalty. She always had a certain caring touch that everyone loved, especially me. Between the way she made me feel and all of her fantastic stories, I would have dreams about the people she met. It shaped what I wanted to do with my life.

My parents were also avid travellers, when we went on vacation we would always look for “The Place” to stay, the place where we felt at home. We believed that was the essence of a wonderful trip, the place you stayed and the people whom you met. My father would always end up sending his friends to the places we loved the most!

I am fully devoting my life to my ambitions by making visitors happy who come to me from faraway on vacations .While Working in USA until I met my husband than was time for me to settle down and start a new life. I have two wonderful children that we raised until they were 3 and 4 in Italy. We lived 4 years in Costa Rica. I had chosen Costa Rica for many reasons, but the most important one is that my children were I love them to live out of a book. They speak English, Italian and Spanish. We loved Costa Rica and I opened my first company Escape Vacation Villas vacation rentals just for Costa Rica, at the beginning we were also managing the villas we had, than we started not renting only the villas we were managing but also other villas. It is going very good and because my past guests were asking me to suggest them different destinations

It is going very good and because my past guests were asking me to suggest them different destinations the idea of Sabrina Luxury Collection born. I offer through luxury travel professionals St. Martin, Bali and Maldives and of course Costa Rica and Italy.

Why an expert is necessary to rent luxury villa?
A luxury vіllа rentals еxреrt specializes іn mаtсhіng the rіght vіllаѕ thаt mееt thе rеԛuіrеmеntѕ оf thе сlіеntѕ tо mаkе ѕurе thеу hаvе thе mоѕt mеmоrаblе vacation еxреrіеnсе. Wіth a good luxurу villa rentals еxреrt, уоu аvоіd thе рrоblеm оf lаѕt minute саnсеlаtіоn оf a vіllа аlrеаdу bооkеd оr any fоrm оf сhаngе оf рlаnѕ at such crucial tіmеѕ. These luxurу vіllа rentals еxреrtѕ thаt ѕhоuld bе recommended hаvе very deep knowledge of thе villas thеу fеаturе, thіѕ will hеlр avoid the рrоblеm of bеіng disappointed аbоut thе vіllа you сhоѕе.

Which locations, destinations are your speciality?
Destinations Caribbean beaches, Costa Rica and of course my country Italy!!

What kind of questions are the most frequently asked when deciding to rent a luxury villa?
The location and the views from kitchen, pool and bedroom. It does not matter if the villa is in Tuscany the curly hills and the valley views need to be right from the terrace...from a Caribbean villa of course the turquoise water color... they also ask me about private chef service if available. There are villas that include butler service and also breakfast in the morning.

How easy is it to engage your service?
I am always available you can reach me 24/7 and I do follow up in whatever my clients need. From renting a villa to the yacht charter whatever it take to make their dreams vacation become a memorable one.

How much is the minimum fees to engage you as an expert of luxury villa rental?
I don't charge extra fees to my service. What the rate is on the site does include my service. Return clients is the most rewarding part!

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