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Signs and Wonders

Lisa works as qualified orthopaedic nurse in the United Kingdom. She is a born again Christian with a passion for Jesus. Her nail art business SignsandWonders was born from her faith. We have conducted an interview with her.

What inspires to start the nail art business besides your hidden creative talent?
I am a born-again Christian and God inspired me to start this string art business using 3 components from the Cross, wood, string & nails.

How did you find out what your passions are about?
I have always been creative in nature and just having a go at different craft projects I realised I had potential to take my talents further.

What do you specialise in nursing? What is your original background?
I am an orthopeadic staff Nurse, mother of two and wife.

Which three key themes and components in life manifests you mainly?
My Faith is ultimately my life, I have a passion for my Saviour (Jesus Christ) and people, I love worship and singing new songs, playing guitar. My family are equally important to me.

Is there a special reason why you keep dog pictures?
I love animals paricular dogs. Incidently dog is God backwards which makes what I do more meaningful.

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