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Our guest today is Duen (pseudonym) from Bremerton, WA, a smallish kinda place across from Seattle. She just recently finished writing a book and we conducted an interview with her.

How special is the 'world of Cephai' and which are your favourite three characters crafted so far? Why did you pick them?
I couldn't choose a favorite character without feeling like I personally kicked one of them really hard in the nethers, but if I had to pick one I feel closest to it'd be Skai.

How different is 'Spectral' from other romance novels you have ever read?
It seems like most lesbian romances focus on the characters' coming out stories, homophobia or some inner turmoil of not accepting that they're gay. Spectral skips all that. There's a massive story, years of world building and revolves around far more than their gender.

Who inspired you the most in writing this Reincarnation Romance novel 'Spectral'? If you would not have been writing, what do you imagine yourself to be doing?
H.R. Giger. He was an incredible artist, and his images gave me bizarre combinations of sex dreams and nightmares--hot damn. If I had no interest in writing, I probably would have kept on tattooing.

What makes this novel different? Why should people be reading about it?
Spectral isn't an ordinary romance. It's about a love so profound that it stretches across lifetimes. It's about a trauma that carried over from one life to the next. It's about a couple that slowly discovers their past, must face a nightmarish antagonist from beyond time and actually meets their previous selves in the flesh. It's a blend of modern world and alien, familiar and foreign.

Will there be a continuation to this book? Where can our readers read more about your works?
Spectral is the first of a series. Cephai is the next in line, and focuses entirely on their previous lives. I have three books for the series: Spectral (the one I'll be publishing on March 10th), Cephai (currently writing) and Spectral's direct sequel (currently unnamed).

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