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Surprise Sailaway

Derek Curzon is 45 years old and a published author from Chorley, Lancashire. He is writing a fictional trilogy about 2 sisters who embark on their first cruise together & the adventures that await them. We have conducted an interview with him.

How many different kinds of transportation have you tried and what inspires you to write a Novella to celebrate the cruise industry?
I have tried many transportations including trains, aircraft, ferries and road transport ie cars, buses, trams. The cruise ship is the only method I've holidayed on & because my wife & I enjoyed the whole experience of cruising so much it inspired me to write a trilogy.

Who are the most suitable to read about your trilogy?
Slants towards a more female audience and elderly in general.

What are the fun things two people who travel together can do on a cruising trip? Which destinations do you recommend for first time cruise goers?
Discovering the world & learning about different cultures/history & excursions - we have travelled in a mini submarine in the Canaries. 1st time cruisers - a short 2 night cruise or somewhere sunny ie Canaries.

Which are the times to avoid using the cruise for travel? What are the age limitations of this mode of transportation?
There is no bad time for cruising - it depends on where you want to go & what time of year, no age restriction either in fact many elderly passengers go on cruises.

What will be featured in your 2nd and 3rd books of the trilogy? When and where can our readers expect to see it published?
2nd book introduces more families & characters, ship is bigger & the cruise longer. 3rd book is a fly cruise and completes the 'journey' for the main character. 2nd book out Aug'16; 3rd May'17 on Amazon & from my own web page.

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