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Taller in Real Life

Jef Leeson is a singer-songwriter and producer from Ontario, Canada. He will be recording a live acoustic/unplugged album on the 26th of March 2016. We have conducted an interview with him.

In your entire musical career, which is/are your favourite genre(s) of music?
Favourite genres? Well, this may sound cliché from a musician, but I have no favourite genres. What I discovered at a very young age is that I favoured specific artists or songs from ALL genres. Loving all forms of music has been a wonderful experience for me. Can't get enough of it all, really.

What is the title of the 'live' acoustic/unplugged album that you will be recording?
The live album will be called 'Taller in Real Life'. A funny phrase which pokes a little fun at me (I'm 6 foot 3 inches) and 'real life' is a nod to it being a live recording.

Is there a theme around it?
If any theme could be applied, a personal and general observation theme may suit - 'real life'. I prefer lyrics with substance, hopefully structured in original and refreshing ways.

How long did you take to produce this latest acoustic album?
The album recording itself will take just one night to record. The evening's show, the recording plans and a batch of new songs, though, I've been preparing for a few weeks now. It will be available online within days of recording it. As a side note, doing a live album was the best thing I could come up with to take the next steps in pushing myself with original songs and my performing career.

Which is your favourite song in this particular album?
Oh man. Is this one of those 'if you were on a deserted island...' questions? Having to choose, it would be 'A Different Train'.

Compare being a producer versus a singer-songwriter, which is an easier role and which role do you prefer?
Comparing producing to singing-songwriting is a little like comparing apples to a whole basket of a wide variety of fruit. Writing and performing is much simpler, and somewhat fluid, in fact. Each song or performance is unique, and they can (and often do) change over time. I've always found producing a bigger challenge, with a wider range of benefits to it, so I probably prefer it over writing/performing. Producing well requires strong social skills (working with artists is like juggling half-cracked eggs sometimes), a good if not great understanding of music / lyrics / arranging / instrumentation, AND enough audio technical know how of the entire recording process. I love the bigger challenges.

How do you feel when you're said to 'sound like' Don Dixon's Basement, Ian McNabb or Marshall Crenshaw?
ANY comparison to my favourite artists is very flattering. The only specific thing I would dare compare myself to other artists is that I do my best to have my own sound, an original take on songwriting, and to 'find my voice', figuratively and literally. Is that too artistically snobbish???

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