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Ty Davis is a 31 years old artist specializing in abstract expressionism from Charleston SC. We have conducted an interview with him about his art, and the meaning of his works.

Please tell us more about your art and what inspires you to this kind of creation? 
I was always talented with art from drawing to sculptures and actually stepped away from drawing and painting to try music. Im pretty good at that too but I had this image in my mind of a Wu Tang symbol bursting from a canvas filled with colors, and that turned out to be my first and one of my favorite abstract pieces. Since then I've been on a rampage with paint.

Which is/are the process(es) you use? Is the location where you produce your art important? Why/why not?
I usually start a piece by picking out the colors I want to use then just feeling my way to the final result of my painting. I have some music playing in my studio and some incense burning as well. My studio is very important. My studio is the magic zone where I can just flow.

What kind of different experiences have you had along the way of creating an abstract expressionism?
I've tried different things when it comes to forming my own style with abstract art. But the expressionism style is where I feel most comfortable. But like most art, its subjective. Some like it, some don't.

What is the meaning of your works of art?
The meaning of my art is, like reality, its subjective to the viewer. And I want to inspire people to step out of the box and realize there never was a box.

When is it 'too much' or when does a piece of art work became 'overdone'?
I know when its too much when the piece stops speaking to me, then i just get frustrated and start over. But that usually means I'm not focused.

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