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Victory Lap 2.0: The Resurrection

Colby Bright is a 29 year old unsigned hip hop artist out of Montgomery, Tx. Inspired by music at a young age has developed a very lryrical, reality based flo over the years portraying life as he knows it. We have conducted an interview with him.

As a Hip Hop artist, which is your favourite lyrical reality based track/album which you have produce so far? Why did you like it the most?
Great question. There's a few very deep ones being that my music is based on reality, but I would definitely have to include this song called "Burden On My Back. The message is so deep and the conviction in my voice is so strong and it just gives a vibe. 1 of those songs that gives you chills. Any time I write one of those type of songs, I literally drag myself back through those situations so sometimes it's kind of rough, honestly. But I love that part about it, it so personal & real that people can relate.

Which are the best places or locations for your inspirations to arise to create your latest album/collection?
Well my latest project, "Victory Lap 2.0", has a subtitle called "The Resurrection" & I think that pretty much says a lot in itself. I went through some ups and downs and as you can imagine, it definitely takes its toll on have to have an outlet. Music has always been my outlet and I think that I found that spark again with this tape....this whole Victory Lap Movement really. It's been special to me and I'm growing everyday with it. It's weird, inspiration will kind of hit me from anywhere, but mainly has to do a lot with what I'm going through at the time.

How do you perceive the Internet in terms of the changes it made to the music industry?
I think it's good and bad. You definitely have to use it to your advantage, but I guess I'm pretty much old school in the sense that I miss buying physical CDs, waiting on your favorite artist or band's new album to drop... I miss the authenticity. I think it's very over saturated right now, not that I'm saying it's a bad thing that people are wanting to rap, I just hope that people are in it for the same thing I am. My life really depends on it so I get kind of offended when I see these people that are just following a trend. I definitely think it has affected people wanting to rap with the internet becoming such a big thing, everybody is a rapper. But if you use it to your advantage it can work for you and shout out to everybody who has an everybody it's worked for. I wish everybody nothing but success, I just feel that my lane is more of a "Hand To Hand" approach...a real relationship with the supporters.

What major events influence your view on Hip Hop music?
Well I'm a big fan of the 90s era. The Tupac's, Biggie's, Bone Thugs, Etc... That is the music I grew up on so I think it's definitely helped to shape my style.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the near future, if you can have everything in your way? Ohhhhh, another great question. That's a tough 1...Probably "Machine Gun Kelly" though.

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