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Write Your Book With Me

Douglas Winslow Cooper is a writer and retired environmental physicist, now helping to manage at-home nursing care of his wife. He recently wrote Ting and I: A Memoir of Love, Courage, and Devotion, available at Dr. Cooper does freelance writing, book partnering and editing. He co-authored a detective’s memoir The Shield of Gold and edited the memoirs High Shoes and Bloomers and But…at What Cost? We have conducted an interview with him.

What inspires you to create this ''?
Most adults hope to write a book. I enjoy helping them write and publish. Often the books have been memoirs, stories about their lives, stories that can inform and inspire others and even educate them. Sometimes important truths can be told through stories, through fiction, and I have helped writers with novels. The process can be fun, and I meet some interesting people I never would have met otherwise. They are usually delighted to get a chance to write and publish a book, generally within a year, at a reasonable cost.

Who do you collaborate with and how do you help people who enjoys writing and publishing?
I work with the would-be authors individually. I get their material into a computer file that can be edited and eventually sent to the publisher. We meet weekly in person or over the telephone. I have written over 100 articles, authored or co-authored several books, and edited some more, so I am able to help my writers express themselves and to assist them with the finer points of English.

What kind of coaching services do you include with your strengths as a writer and co-author? Can you please give us an example
In some cases, my clients will tell me their stories and I write them down. Other times, I have taken hand-written manuscripts. Most often, I work with computer files from common word-processing programs. I am patient, friendly, caring, and intelligent ...which helps me help them.

 Is it your personal story and memoir?
Memoirs have ranged from Kidnapped Twice, how an unhappy childhood affected the author, to Home Is Where The Story Begins, the story of a happy childhood, to But...At What Cost, how the writer changed from being liberal to conservative over her lifetime.

Who is Ting and why did you write about 'Ting And I'?
My memoir, Ting and I, is the story of a half-century of romance that has overcome great difficulties: an interracial marriage dealing successfully with a crippling illness, multiple sclerosis. It's message is the power of love. My wife, Tina, was born "Tingting" in Kunming, China, and came to America when she was two. She is quadriplegic now.

Have you encounter any writer's block? How did you overcome it when it happens?
Writer's block can generally be avoided by sitting down and writing almost anything that will move the project along. Three deaths last year---my sister, my mother, and a beloved nurse---brought my writing to a temporary halt, as it was hard to care enough about mundane matters. The new year has brought renewed energy, heightened by the publication of my latest, Write Your Book With Me.

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