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Antonio Williams (aka ADUB) is a Hip Hop/Rap musician from Maryland. Music is his life and he has an extremely impressive way of making you apart of it. We have conducted an interview with him.

Why do you say 'music is your life'? What kind of music do you mean?
Everything that surrounds everybody relates to a song or an idea created. I mean look at what some guys call chick flicks, creating a sensitive vibe.. vs an action pack that stimulates total opposite.
The music I make is a more story telling style, as I would love to think all the time, but every song I have created has been through feelings. With that being said I feel the music I create is a symbol of soul energy.

When did it occur to you that you found this extremely impressive way of making people a part of it?
I have a natural wave that people are drawn two. Don't get me wrong not every one has agreed with my music but there is a lot more people do the way it seems. Just being me when the time is right has been the only effective way I get people apart of my music.

Who is the one person in your life that has been there and then when you were lined up perfectly, when you quote "Life take you through many different directions just to line you up perfectly with what you were chasing ~ADUB~ " ?
I don't necessarily mean a physical person. I mean the experiences you go through. Everyone in the world has a dream or desire a better positions at there job. I'm saying no matter what you are chasing there are obstacles that could make or break you. The ones who don't break see & execute the business. Perfectly lined up.

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