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BinaryGod - Caricatures, Illustration and Design

Steve Rampton is a caricature artist/illustrator based in Los Angeles. we have conduced an interview with him about his pop culture and caricature artwork.

What kind of artwork do you make?
My favorite art is fan art and caricatures, and I try to incorporate both into my work. My personal work is largely based on pop culture media that I enjoy and consume, specifically horror and sci fi movies, music, and TV shows. I've also written a children's book, but I don't think I'll be able to get to the illustrations just yet. For clients, I mostly do family, celebrity, and pet caricatures, so luckily it's pretty close to my passion. It helps me to enjoy what I'm doing a lot more.

Could you share with us your day to day schedule? And how do you usually select projects, what is the criteria?
I currently have a 9 to 5 accounting job in addition to my freelance design work, so I stay pretty busy and I get to use both sides of my brain. My artwork comes out at night, which is when I work more creatively and more freely. I try to select projects that support other independent people, whether it's a logo for a start up business, a CD insert for a rock band, or a caricature for a private individual or family. I strongly prefer the human touch of smaller scale organizations and projects; the individual tends to get lost in a corporate setting.

There is "Art that appeals to logic and reason and art that appeals to emotion." How do you describe the style of your fine art?
To me, art that uses hard lines, grids, and text appeals more to the logical side of the viewer's brain. Art that's heavy on brush strokes and color can be more vague in purpose and has more emotional weight. One is not better than the other; there's good and bad in both camps. Since I'm both a right and left brained person, I tend to gravitate more to the "logic and reason" artwork. My own work is heavily influenced by comic art (which is sorely underrated in the art industry) as it uses a lot of patterns, text, and hard lines. Lines are very mathematical, and I think that's the appeal for me.

How did "Doodle My Dog" start?
Doodle My Dog is a side business I started in the summer of 2013. One of my co-workers asked me to draw a cartoon of his pug, which I did. A friend of mine saw the drawing and asked if I could draw her shih tzu. I obliged her, as well. I thought to myself, "Hm, I could make some extra dough this way so I set up Doodle My Dog. It didn't really take off until I integrated it with Fiverr, but now it's a steady stream of side income.

Is it possible to have your digital art on printed formats? Which items of your digital art are made available for purchase?
I don't print anything myself, but I use several third party printers. I have accounts with Society6, Casetify, Displate, TeePublic, NeatoShop, and RedBubble. They can print my artwork on mugs, tee shirts, duvet covers, blankets, iPad cases, phone cases, prints, canvas, pillow covers, tote bags, stickers, and much more. I like using them because they are much more capable of printing than I would be in my apartment, and I can use my time for drawing instead of printing and filling orders.

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