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Black Bond a.k.a "The dream teller"

Black Bond a.k.a "The dream teller" is a french rapper and this is his first mixtape. Before to start rap he was first a model and then a novel writer. We have conducted an interview with him.

How long did you take to make this first mixtape?
I recorded the first track one year ago and I did recorded the other six in two months. U must wonder why I took so long between the first one and the others? It's because i was writing a novel in between

What inspires your (stage) name ''Black Bond''?
James Bond of course. I like that idea to create a Black James Bond, not in the cinema but in the music industry. I consider him like a super hero cause he's a dream teller, he has the power to take u in another world even if u don't speak his language.

What are the key themes you rap about in your music?
Essentially I rap about society themes like in this mix-tape I made this song called PN(Narcissistic Pervert) and in that track I wanted to denounce people who manipulate others. The others aspects of my songs are the dreams, I try to make people travel. My objective is to give force and good energy to people.

Which language(s) do you include in your music?
In that mix-tape mostly french but also English. For my album and my next mixtapes I will use more English.

Which are your 3 favourite tracks?
Though question lol, u ask me to choose between all my children lol, but I play the game. I would say: Kanye West,Brand New and Gengis.

Why did you choose them?
Actually there are the last 3 tracks i recorded. If u ask me the same question again in one year about my album i think i will answer the last 3 tracks again lol.

Why u don't show ur face?
For 2 reasons: I was a model before and I did show my face too many times and also it's my way to rebel against the diktat of appearance in the showbizness

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