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Bondseye Apparel

Scott W. Bonds is a professional hairstylist and salon owner from Greensboro N.C. He started Bondseye Apparel in 2012 with the goal to inform, inspire and motivare through positive messages and artwork. We have conducted an interview with him.

Who are your inspirations and why did you start Bondseye Apparel?
Bondseye Apparel was born from the recognition of so many negative messages I began to see people gravitating towards. I wanted to develop apparel that was uplifting, inspiring, and/or informative. My goal was also to help people be in a positive place mentally. As for who inspires me, I'd love to meet and work with Damon John of Shark Tank, if the opportunity presented itself.

Which is more challenging, men's designer t-shirts or hairstyling?
I've been in the beauty business for over 25 years, and the challenge is more in adapting to the moods and personalities of many different women. Designing the concepts for Bondseye Apparel is never a challenging experience. As a hairstylist you hear so many life stories from your clients, as well as hearing the things that are on people's minds in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so it constantly keeps ideas flowing.

How does the messages expressed in your art help develop that "third eye of wisdom"?
First, I am not a trained artist, and although I do draw many of my own designs, I also work with a few very talented graphic artists who bring many of my concepts to life. The world we live in is so diverse, and there are so many things many of us have not been exposed to because of the region of the world a person may live in. By using symbols from other cultures such as the "hamsa" which transcends many different cultures such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, it begins to allow your "third eye of wisdom" to develop and understand that we are all connected to a higher power, and there are many paths to that higher power. I am a very spiritual person, and many of my designs reflect that. The more developed our minds become, the better the chance there is for world peace.

Which designs are best sellers?
Believe it or not, the shirt that promotes the legalization of marijuana has been one of the top sellers for both men and women. It indicates five uses such as food, fiber, paper, fuel, and medicine on one of the sleeves. Also, Pray, Hustle, Repeat has done very well, along with one of our original designs for women, Female Swag.

What is the 'Bondseye movement'?
We are a group of likeminded individuals who understand that with positive affirmation, motivation, enlightenment, and occasional light hearted humor, we have the power to ignite a positive energy that will permeate the human experience!

What causes does Bondseye Apparel support, and what percent of sales do you donate?
Bondseye Apparel is a supporter of the National Ataxia Foundation. Ataxia is a very rare neurological disorder that currently has no cure. This is something very close to my heart because both my mother and sister suffered from this for many years before eventually passing away from the illness. We plan to donate 5% of our sales for the research and development of a cure and better understanding for this rare illness.

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