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Can't Buy a Southern Girl

Today our guest is Alabama-based country music artist, Donica Knight. We have conducted an interview with her about the release of her first EP, "Can't Buy a Southern Girl" and her single, "Love Ain't a Prize."

Donica Knight

When and how did you first discover about this special blend of Southern rock, country, blues and old East Memphis music?
Well I have always had a love for Southern rock, country, blues and old East Memphis music and when it came to creating this record I had to include some element of each one. I listened to all these genres growing up and how I discovered this blend was simply getting out there and doing the creative process of everything I love.

What are the key musical elements in songwriting for the country and rock genre?
Lol I wish I knew the answer to that one but I would just say as an artist keep it real to you and your live act!

In your first EP, "Can't Buy a Southern Girl", is the Southern Girl referring to yourself?
Absolutely, and to every Southern Heart out there!

Who is the very first person who inspired you into singing and songwriting?
My elementary music teacher Ahna Baggett! She was the first person to discover my voice and gave me my first solo in 1st grade !

Which musicians do you get your music influences from?
I am a huge Bonnie Raitt fan! Everything she sings, writes, performs and the people she collaborates with are just top notch and beautiful. I am also influenced by Patsy Cline, Hank Williams Sr., Shania Twain, Lynyrd Skynyrd, CCR!

How do you find jumping, singing and floating towards euphoria with the spirited beats and catchy lyrics in your single "Love Ain't a Prize"?
I just can’t help myself! I gotta move and be happy with a passionate song like Love Ain’t A Prize!


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