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Michael Gregg, is the CEO of Catalyst Network Solutions INC in Edmonton Alberta Canada. They are an IT firm that specializes in fully managed helpdesk solutions for small to medium sized business. We have conducted an interview with him.

Michael Gregg

What is the most crucial services extended by ''NeverRest" for small to medium sized business owners?
NeverRest provides 30+ different services that are fully automated. They are items that you need to make sure are done inside of your network. Typically, a network administrator will be able to do some of these tasks, but to have all of them done is rare. If you are getting these services, make sure you can get a report on them like NeverRest provides. If the work is not being done, or isn’t documented, it’s worthless, and places your company at risk.

A quick list of the most important items that NeverRest includes are: Full audit and inventory management, automated windows and apple operating system updates, third party vendor patching for software like adobe reader, and java etc, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware, and its nice to have 5GB off-site data backup included free per end point as well.

However, the greatest and most used feature of NeverRest would be our one click service requests. With just one click our customers get access to our trained technicians 24/7. Typically, we solve any issue in 5-45 minutes, is very rare to have an issue go over this. That is an average of 600 tickets per month! We also have a 100% satisfaction rating over that ticket ratio for other 4 months running now. In our industry, that is unheard of. I attached a screenshot for you from our Zendesk.

What are the common problems encountered by your clients which your 1-click live support is able to overcome?
That is a really hard question to answer. We handle everything at our helpdesk, from items that are more simplistic like a password reset, or a printer repair, to multifaceted and complex new user setups, software installs, upgrades, systemic virus removal, or hardware failure troubleshooting. Every day is a new challenge, but the key is, that 100% of time, our customers are satisfied, and typically we are able to solve even the most complex issues in under 45 minutes.

How is "NeverRest" uniquely priced?
NeverRest is priced per user, the key to that is that today most users have multiple devices. Take me for example. I have a desktop, a laptop, an iPad (tablet), and a cell phone. That is 4 items, and all of them need to be tracked, and maintained. Most of our competitors would bill you 4 times to support a user like that. Not at Catalyst, we understand that all of the devices that your users have need support and would never leave you stranded without support on any of them.

We also have a set pricing plan and highly customizeable services. So, the price quoted, is the price you pay. No hidden fees, no additional billing. This is key, it helps mangers and owners to have a truly set IT budget, and stick to it. If you need more details on this please ask our client’s.

Could you tell us more about asset tracking packages?
Asset tracking is important, it adds value to your business to know what you have and where it is located. Geolocation within NeverRest allows for that, and also includes asset recovery in the event of a theft or accidental loss, remote asset lock down and data deletion options are included as well. Not only that, but it covers all audits as well, so all your software and hardware is automatically documented. That includes product keys, hardware stats, etc. This really helps our technicians at Catalyst Network Solutions. If for example you had a complete hardware failure on your desktop, it allows us to send out a new replacement with all of the same software that your previous system had. With all of the software preloaded do you don’t need to fuddle with it when it arrives! Without the need for wasting time looking for installation keys etc. I would say that this saves us at least 6 hours of work when an update is done, or if a PC dies in the field.

How do you account for 99.999% Uptime – iTrust E-Mail Services?
Uptime is critical for any business, this is especially true when you are talking about E-Mail services. There are two things that you can never be without in a business, Phone, and E-Mail. If either of these things are down, your company is essentially dead in the water. At Catalyst Network Solutions we take service availability extremely seriously. We make sure unexpected downtime is nearly impossible for our core services. While we guarantee 99.999% uptime (less than 5.26 minutes of unscheduled downtime per year) with a cash back assurance, we have actually had 100% uptime with iTrust across 3 years of this service. You can learn more about the percentage calculation here:

Here are the quick stats for what we guarantee in terms of uptime on our iTrust services:

Unscheduled downtime is LESS THAN:
Per day: 864 milliseconds
Per week: 6.05 Seconds
Per month: 25.9 Seconds
Per year: 5.26 Minutes

If we cannot meet this, and our service is down for more than this in any event you acquire cash back on your next invoice.

As you can see, we take uptime extremely seriously. This allows our business client’s to focus on what matters most to them, working on their business, not worrying if their e-mail servers are going to fail, or go down when they need them the most, which is always.

If you have any other questions, or are interested in getting started with Catalyst Network Solutions. Visit us online at or call 780-669-2592. We have no call trees and are staffed by a real person 24/7.

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