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Codina Barcelona

Joan Codina is a jewellery designer from London. Alongside with his father he runs  Codina Barcelona. We have conducted an interview with him.

How did Codina Jewelry Started? Do you use traditional techniques or modern technologies?
Codina started with my father over 20 years ago, I started making jewelry at the age of 16, I am more specialized in new technologies while my father is more specialized in traditional techniques.

Is every piece of jewelry hand crafted? When was the methodology been handed down?
Some of the pieces are 100% hand made, however some other pieces like the ones in our 3d color collection are made in CAD in order to give them it´s perfect shape and special texture.

Which grade of gold and silver do you only use?
We use 18 ct yellow gold and 18ct white gold being yellow the most popular one, actually we use a special alloy on our 18ct yellow gold that gives the metal a lighter color while keeping all it´s properties. We also use 925 for silver. Of course of our alloys are 100% legal in order to be properly hallmarked.

How would you describe your gems pieces and its design? Do you consider your gems and jewelry craft 'minimalist'?
We really put a lot of effort in selecting our gems, we select them for it´s color but also for it´s shape and for it´s rarity. We consider the design process one of the most important ones, so we really take our time in making sure we are creating something truly unique and spectacular. Minimalistic, yes, why not.

What will you do if you are requested to make a custom design? What can your clients ask and what sort of request is unacceptable?
Making custom pieces it´s the essence of the company, in a way, all pieces are 100% unique. It takes time and experience in learning how to understand customer´s need, is not just about listening to them, it´s about understanding the ideas they have in mind and be able to put them across. We work neck to neck with customers in order to achieve exactly what they want.

So far, we have always achieved customer demanding requirements and we have never declined any customer, everything is possible.

It´s a great feeling to deliver an amazing piece of jewelry to a customer.

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