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Corporate Viking

CorporateViking is the online name of Ryan Donaldson. He is conquering the savage world of business, just like the Vikings did before. He gives advice to businesses and business owners who need it. His biggest Hobby which he often uses in the professional world is Storytelling. We have conducted an interview with him.

Why did you call yourself 'CorporateViking'?
It's my favorite Online Handle. It's explains my mindset and level my drive focuses me to mastery. There are several people named Ryan Donaldson in the world and I'm one of the only ones conquering the savage world of business, just like the Vikings did before me.

What is the most difficult aspect about giving advice to businesses and business owners who need it? How did you usually overcome it?
The biggest part is that the majority of business owners are given absolutely terrible business advice and have bad business partners who don't know what they are doing, nor want to learn. The majority of businesses fail, everyone knows that. Most people are given the same bad advice. Do you see the correlation?

What is your client profile? What professional associations do they belong to?
Previously I exclusively worked with businesses that were already successful, discussed on Forbes, Inc 500, Yahoo and Google Finance juggernauts. Now, I am looking for new businesses and recently established businesses to help them get there. My ideal clients probably belong to their local chamber of commerce (like every owner should) and are struggling to make ends meet.

What is the most amazing story you have ever heard from your father?
When I was two, I drowned at the beach in Florida. I, like many kids, had been gripped by a rip tide and pull deep into the water . As I fought to try and reach above the surface my arms lost all strength. I sat there, helpless being devowered by the ocean as my brain lost it's oxygen. It's weird to me that the only emotion I felt was "Anger". My thoughts were drowned out by what felt like termites chewing my nervus system from the inside. I was angry that my arms had stopped moving and that I couldn't breath anymore. I died. I died and then woke up as they started my 2 year old body against all odds back up on the beach. I spat out the briney water and blurrilly blinked my eyes like a classic movie. People congratulated my Dad for the watery rescue. He brushed my head and told me a beautiful story I will never repeat, but it made the world better for me. Helped me come to terms with dieing at the age of two. A father who just had to rescue his youngest son, fought back the fear of almost having to bury his son, and impromtu'ed a story to immediately console the emotional trauma. I also decided at the moment I wanted to be able to do that too.

How do you portray your greatest strengths and talents in your 'storytelling'?
In bringing Storytelling to business conversations I am able to portray a more authentic type of conversation between businesses and their consumers. It wasn't until Nestle Makes the Very Best, a candy and chocolate juggernaut actual began to have a warm, authentic conversation with their consumers. It wasn't until Gordan Ramsey opened up and showcased the terrors of the cooking world that the general populace even began to appreciate his Michelin Stars. Flexibility is one of the best strengths in storytelling and by being able to help incredibly different products and services tell their stories in the business world in a very versatile way I feel I best showcase that.

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