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Fine Art of Mariusz Zawadzki

Mariusz Zawadzki is an artist and photographer living in the UK. He is working in various mediums starting from pencil drawings to acrylic painting and photography. We have conducted an interview with him.

Does everything in this world has an explanation? Why do you think so?
I believe everyone has his own explanation for his experience in life, and also in art as a viewer one observe an artwork only through the lens of his own beliefs and symbols. Therefore, two people can perceive the same piece of art as a totally different message. We are all creators our own version of reality and we tend to see things in an individual way.

Which is the most challenging type of fine art in your personal opinion?
I think the art itself is very challenging process! Creation is not only a technical process, but also ideological process. A challenging art is an art where message hid behind the immaculately applied technique is so universal, it will touch a great number of viewers on the same deep level, and where verbal explanation do not apply.

Who influences your style of art and acrylic painting?
I suppose, everything I experience has a tremendous impact on my art. I think on my technique of painting great influence had a polish surreal painter Zdzislaw Beksinski . Album with his paintings was the first album I bought for my pocket money and it was his oil art that I think had the biggest say in me been a surrealist today.

Creating this complex photo- manipulation usually take a several hour to finish but this is only a last stage of the work. Before that happens is a matter of idea and preliminary sketches, sometimes making some additional photos to create this digital collage. This first stage of preparation can sometimes take weeks as some ideas are taking more time to show themselves fully.

Using photo-manipulations, do you think through the experimental process, an ordinary photo can be transformed into something unexpected and totally out of the box? What is your approach usually?
I suppose any good quality photo can be transformed or be used partially in such a digital piece of art. I have two main way this creative process may go: When an idea pops to my head immediately after I took a picture. The other is when I have some concepts ready in my head and I’m starting to chase the objects, or locations I want to use. That’s why sometimes it can take much longer time to create artwork from photos, then just put everything together in the Photoshop.

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