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Food Tour Budapest

Nora Hegedus is the tour organizer and guide of her own culinary walking tour business, called Food Tour Budapest. We have conducted an interview with her.

Food Tour Budapest

What are the top three Food Tours in Budapest do you organised that are the most popular?
I organize 2 walking food tours and 3 different wine tasting events. The most popular food tour is my culinary tour, which gives an overall idea about the Hungarian food, tastes, drinks, ingredients and history.

How unique are your food tours compared to competitors?
My culinary walking tour goes beyond the traditional Hungarian cuisine. We combine traditional food tastings, historical food places, (like a historical Café and the famous Great Market Hall), and show new places, venues as well. At most of the places we stop, we eat and drink comfortably seated, so the guest do not get exhausted because of the lot of walking by the end.

What is included in one basic package? How big is one group?
We visit 6-8 places on our culinary walking tour, starting with a fruit brandy, salami and a nice cheese selection, gulyás soup, a traditional main dish (small portion), cookies and coffee. The groups are 2-8 people.

What if travelers would like to have a special addition to be made to the itinerary you have planned? Are there additional charges?
If somebody would like to change the places or the offered food, we can certainly discuss that. The prices changed accordingly, can be more or less as well.

What inspired you to create this business?
I love food, to talk about it love to eat and also I am a certified cook, but worked in the last 18 years with tourists as well. It is all a nice combination of things I like to do.

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