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Heart Songs

Tonight our guest is Rick Kraich from Colorado. He is promoting his new album 'Heart Songs'. We have conducted an interview with him.

For your 30th Anniversary since setting foot in a recording studio, how much differences do you see in recording music today?
The music industry has changed so much since I recorded my first songs in 1986. I remember being in the studio that first time and not knowing what the heck I was doing. Now I have a lot of experience...I was talking recently to the vocal producer who worked on 'Heart Songs', Tony is maybe 25, and I'm telling him how much I enjoyed the studio experience at CCM and that I had an awesome time working with him, and he says in return, "I as well Mr. Kraich...and I learned a lot working with know with all of your experience and everything." Nice way to are, but seriously,I think confidence is the number one difference for me personally. I am much more sure of myself and it shows in my vocals.

Back in the day we lugged around 2" tape that weighed about a zillion pounds. Now everything is digital and there are so many more effects and everything to alter sound...which I am not a fan. It used to be you had to have talent but now, not so much, but I am proud to say I do not use autotune. Also, there wasn't social media back then to get the music to the audience. Now, knowing that one can actually share one's music to mass audiences amazes me.

Which genre do you write songs for and how do you describe your music?
My music is primarily pop. One reviewer wrote, "Kraich's music dabbles in country and rock muses, but I would argue it is mostly pop music." (It was a very solid review) I did record all the music tracks in Nashville as well as some of the vocals, but most of the vocal tracks were produced in Denver. In Tennessee there is a singer who recorded all of my songs and the songs sound so much more "country". With my vocals, they have more of a "pop" sound, almost like two different songs. I was told by a publisher in Nashville that these songs have an 80's feel to them as well, and he quickly added,"and that's not a bad thing. They all have big chorus'and I love that."

What are your plans with your new album 'Heart Songs'?
Now that the cd is out, the real work begins. The business side of the music business is not my favorite thing. I'd say my main focus right now, as a singer/songwriting, is songwriting, It is my passion. These songs on this album are being shopped to publishers looking for songs for recording artists. I have had meetings in Nashville with publishers and was told by one Lady, that being as I am a singer as well, to get out there and have my songs heard any way you can and show us how well the audience responds. The single 'My I'm Sorry Song' has garnered airplay on a syndicated online radio show. I was a guest on the show and It was a huge audience. Who knows what will happen only God knows and...that's ok. I am doing something I love to do.... creating music.

How special is this 4th solo album?
'Heart Songs' has been the most fun to make and I believe the end result is a product of the vibe that was present when making this record. It is the best work I have done and that is the way it should be, as you get older you are still learning and striving to get better. I worked so extremely hard on this album. I was present and active for the whole project from beginning to end.... From the recording process to the idea for the album cover. I also had the creative experience of coming up with story line ideas for music videos, one of which was filmed here in Akron (CO). Creating this album has been a blast. Some of these songs are older and are re-makes. Mr.Beaird (the music producer) chose these songs from a catalog of songs. I am pitching or "shopping" these songs to publishers looking for songs for signed artists to record.

What inspired you on your latest single ''My I'm Sorry Song''?
I don't really know if there is an inspiration for 'My I'm Sorry Song.' I just think it's a song everybody can relate to. I wrote all the lyrics and the melody line in one night, which doesn't happen to me very often. It is a song that kind of wrote itself. I knew right away that it was a special song...I just had that feeling you know? I then was invited to a songwriters expo where I met Mr. Beaird, the Nashville producer. After re-writing some lyrics and changing the name of the song (which was originally titled 'I apologize') the new version was produced in Nashville. It's one of those songs that can get stuck in your head. And for a songwriter that is your hope.

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