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Interview with Teh Hang Chuan

Today our guest is Teh Hang Chuan, the Regional Business Director of Glocorp Inc for Asia Region from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He works with hotels to help them eliminate the stress of hitting occupancy goal, grow their hotel business and reduce OTA dependencies & commission. We have conducted an interview with him.

How do you think the hotel and travel industry will perform in the next 3 years?
The emerging middle class in Asia is the driving the tourism growth. Urbanization has created new opportunities, and pushed the average income in some countries to an unprecedented level. Emerging middle class not only have a budget in terms of housing and daily necessities, they also have more spending power in tourism products, such as personal leisure travel, domestic travel and overseas travel.

Developing country like Malaysia is also undergoing the expansion of the local business to overseas new markets like the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and many of these people are also the first time business traveller, contributing to the growth of the travel industry.

Asian travel industry is now entering a golden age of development, the age of connected intelligence of internet and travel industry.

What is your role and expertise in the region and which steps do you intend to take in order to overcome the hotel industry challenges ahead?
I am currently the Regional Business Director at Glocorp Inc, the Asia's emerging digital travel services company, leading provider of online travel & related services, helping hundreds and thousands of business & leisure visitors to Asia explore its beauty within, with a great peace of mind and absolute convenience. I am responsible for strategic and new business initiatives, driving growth through partners and products regionally.

In this recent years, there have been an upward trend in various KPIs of the hotel industry across Asia but the over-reliance on the OTA has triggered a firestorm of backlash from hoteliers. High commissions paid to the OTA makes hotel profits severely affected and therefore, the hoteliers need to think of ways to redirect the bookings back to their direct online sales channel.

In this battle with the OTAs, the hotel must understand the market situation. Why the OTAs can be so popular?

One simple reason is: OTAs allow customers book in accordance with the price range, location, customer reviews and other factors; OTAs put in a lot of marketing efforts to get coverage of their products in order to attract tourists. So, how should the hoteliers be using the social media and other innovative technologies to encourage more customers for direct booking? That's the future of hotel bookings and that's what we do.

What is the impact of the advancement in Technology in your business?
Today, the travel industry is highly dependent on the technology that people have developed. Technology has going through major advancement these years and it has changed the way travellers purchase air tickets, tour packages, travel insurance and etc. It also changes the way travellers read maps (from paper maps to mobile GPS application) and so many changes have been brought about by these continuous technological advancements.

To catch up with these technologies and to successfully implement them, Glocorp Inc has heavily invested in human resources and developing leads within the organization. Nurturing qualified human capital so that the company can work towards a fast-moving and highly effective organization.

How are you able to help hoteliers in ensuring the fastest mode of direct booking?
There are many ways to improve the hotel direct booking and one of the most important and effective way is to maintain a good hotel official website. The official website of the hotel is the primary source of information for their guest. Keeping the website updated with new information and content will catch the attention of their guest and also potential customers. But how to improve and optimize the site?

If you want to attract more visitors to your site, you must make sure that they read the site's content. Thus, small little things like the site colour, logo, site name, site slogan, a paragraph of text describing what your website is about ... to bigger things like embedded hyperlinks, navigation tree and framework planning, security and etc are the considerations the hotels should bear in mind while designing or selecting the vendors for website development. Travellers have started to reduce their reliance on the traditional OTAs and if the hotels do not want to miss the opportunities to improve their direct booking, they must quickly look into ways to get more value from not only the website but the digital side of things.

Where can our readers find you online?
They can visit or email me at

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