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Jenny Rainbow Fine Art Photography

Tonight our guest is fine art photographer Jenny Rainbow. She is a Fine Art artist and her specialty was design and painting. When digital camera's technology started its glorious way she changed a direction and now she is dealing only with photography. We have conducted an interview with her.

Jenny Rainbow

What inspires you to use Jenny Rainbow as your artistic and photographer's pseudonym?
After graduation I became an artists and designer as I was studying in the Fine Art College of my native Russian city Yaroslavl. I am sensitive for colors and color vibrations. I do love all the colors and varieties of tones and their mixes - its truly essential and they have a second nature to me. When I am creating work I usually am giving it an artistic touch by creating a particular mood and atmosphere. So when it comes to the question which colors do I prefer, I would say the colors of the rainbow. Although during my journey of life the rainbow was my personal sign of luck. So these three points - sensitivity for all colors, the rainbow as a natural wonder and my lucky sign - they all together became my artistic brand name. I realize that customers and other artists by now always are expecting from me some kind of “brand” and my own style of colors in my art.

Is there a relationship to your second passion: Nature?
The Rainbow is a wonder of Nature - the triumph of a natural event and definitely Nature is a big part of my past and present life. It’s a pure source of daily inspiration, relaxation, energy and healing vibes. I do love to go outside the city to be surrounded by the natural elements and to be in harmony with it. With my camera I see small invisible wonders that I can pass on to the viewers. My Celtic spirit also draw the trees to me as a magnet. I do feel nature. It is not even just a passion it is just the essence of my life and my art. That is what I want to show to the world with my photography.

In what way are you influenced by the many different cultures, and what is the effect on your fine art prints portfolio/gallery?
I am so blessed with travelling and living in so many different parts of the world. I visited lots of countries - European and Asian, and I also visited Australia and Mauritius. I have not been there as a tourist while I was living in some countries for a while. Everything I observed there I captured with my camera. The world through my eyes/lens is not just a sentence but my true experience. To live in different cultures makes my mind flexible and open for something new. My photography was experiencing all this , in a way that viewers can see and feel the atmosphere of other places.

What is your special relationship with photography?
Photography is my kind of language with which I am addressing the world. To show and share what is essential and interesting for me - what makes me smile, relax, wonder, excited and being amazed. I don’t have a poetic talent so I am creating my visual poems with my camera and during post processing work. I hope I don’t need to explain my photography because the result of what I thought, what I felt and what I saw plus my personal vibes, my feelings, my love, my passion - all of this has become a part of my work which I am presenting to the viewer. For me to create Art is a true meditation filled with positive healing vibrations and beauty. Photography for me should be a way to make my world better by vibes of natural harmony, love and light.
Even photography of just plain grass captured in a particular way can bring the feel of closeness to nature into ones livingroom. And I am so glad to know that many of my works are hanging all over the world on many walls in private homes, offices and hotels bringing the beauty of nature to all their inhabitants.

Relating to design and painting, in which way do you think it has enhanced your photographic skills ?
My artistic background and knowledge about how to deal with colors and painting/ drawing techniques makes me look at an image in a different way. I can add for example an impressionistic touch to it with dynamic movement or I could use a special color palette. I can also add texture which gives the image a feeling of a painting or i could use other techniques which enriches it in a way that it brings out the potential of the image.

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