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Kube - The Perfect Social Network

Michael Reid is the Co-founder of Kube “The Perfect Social Network” from Vancouver, Canada. Kube has been in development for over two years with a small dedicated team that was both inspired and motivated by Edward Snowden and wanting to create a secure private option to the current social networks. We have conducted an interview with Micheal.

Who inspired and motivated your team in the rollout of 'Kube'?
The team was heavily influenced by the Snowden revelations in 2013. It was an eye opening time where the true reach and invasion of our online lives was put into the open. It also made us seriously consider where the online world was headed and did we feel comfortable raising our children in it. To a person we did not.

How do you mean by 'perfect' in tagline of 'Kube', 'The Perfect Social Network'?
Current social networks either blatantly abuse your data and relationships for the “privilege” of seeing more and more advertising or some networks promise they wont sell your data, but aren’t actually private which fixes nothing.

Kube is user centric, where we can’t see the user’s data under any circumstance and have placed full control over how a user connects, shares and presents themselves back into the users hands. Kube takes seriously the phrase “power to the people”.

Why is personal privacy online eroding at this intensity?
In the digital age, people don’t want to live “off the grid”, people want to be connected online to be able to share, communicate and stay in touch and to do that means being part of the current infrastructure.

Add to that the staggering sums of money that is now generated from freely given data and there has been no reason for these online companies to care about personal privacy, in fact there has been every reason ($$$) to lessen online privacy.

How can we fix it?
There needs to be a viable option that is easy to use, accessible, and that empowers the user in their digital life. To date there has not been that option.
With Kube we are looking to deliver on that and more. Where the power and control is not based between 3rd parties and the software provider but between the actual user, their relationships and finally the software provider.

For storage and streaming, how does Kube differs in its function as compared with the existing available 'infrastructure'?
Kube first off is completely encrypted, so any data stored in a users account is totally private even from the Kube team. Nobody can access that data except for the user. Then that user decides who they want to connect and share with, it can either be one person or millions but the control is always in the user’s hands.

Kube will also offer the ability for full movie storage of course and full streaming ability. So a home movie uploaded to a users account could be shared out to friends or family and streamed instantly. An easy way to look at this is like creating mini Netflix servers for individual users. With everything being streamed completely encrypted and private

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