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Looking In Or Looking Out

Mark Humes is a painter and author from Kenosha,Wisconsin. Hi just finished his new book "Looking In Or Looking Out" and we have conducted an interview with him.

Where do you draw your inspirations from for ''Looking In Or Looking Out''? 
With ''Looking In Or Looking Out" My thoughts were on the stories of a tunnel and bright light being one of the last things a person sees before they die. Then it dawned on me, A baby being born will see the same tunnel and bright light on the way into the world, With that in mind I set out to depict that moment as being simultaneous and a never ending cycle.

Which is more challenging: painting or writing? Why?
For me, writing is more of a challenge than painting. When I paint it is much easier for me to convey raw emotions into an image. When I write, I have to give names to these raw emotions and even explain why they are present. Being a soldier who has seen a war I often don't think there are words to express the things I have seen but with colors and lines, I can express them much more effectively.

When did you discover your talent to create abstract paintings?
I discovered this talent when recovering from my injuries. I had a doctor who wanted me to write about what I had experienced but it was still so fresh I did not know where to begin. So he took me to the art room and said if you can't talk about it paint how your feeling. So I did that, and my doctor and everyone else who saw my work all seemed to understand my feeling instantly. I have been painting every sense. Still to this day, I tell people if you want to know me, look at my artwork.

Do you have any favorite piece of artwork? What is the story behind this piece?
Is it hard for me to pick a favorite. Every piece I make is almost like a child to me. If I had to pick one, it would be "Cthulhu". When I was creating that piece, it took on a life of its own. When I started my intention was to make a kaleidoscope style piece. As I kept working more started to reveal its self to a point where it was even chilling to me. I knew I had to continue and finish this work because I could feel the life pouring into it, Even if the feelings were from a dark place I felt the strongest emotions make the best artwork.

What do you think are the forces at work that try to change you?
There is always pressure to follow the latest trend or create some grand spectacle to gain media attention but, I feel the true power of art lays in being an individual. There is only going to be one of me, and I only have a limited time in this world to create. No one else will ever see, feel or express themselves the exact way that I do. So no matter what the pressures and trends may be I have to be true to myself and true to my art.

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