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Lynn Case Books

Lynn Case was born in Baytown, Texas not far outside of Houston. She wrote short stories here and there while growing up, but with her being a private person she never shared her writings, even with close friends and family. Much less allow them to be made public! She was strongly encouraged to publish her first novel in 2013. Since then she has had two more novels released. She still continues to write and will have many more novels to publish in the years to come. We have conducted an interview with her.

When did you start your daily blog and what do you write about in your blog?
I started my daily blog when my new website was up and running. That was around the end of January of this year, 2016. I try to write something every day, but I must admit there were a few days I missed. I just didn’t have anything that was interesting enough to say.

Which kind of support to other writers and designers do you do on your website?
I like to give back when I can or pay it forward whenever possible. So I do have space on my main page for sponsors as well a whole page dedicated to sponsors or anyone that needs an outlet to advertise their artistic works. Whether it be writing, art work, jewelry making or even homemade crafts.

What is "Gabrielle, lost'' about? Who should read this book?
My second novel in the series that I have published entitled Gabrielle, lost is about a women that you are first introduced to in my first novel Fears Revenge. This is her story.

Gabrielle is a very free spirit, to say it mildly. She has her career and her love life all planned out. That is until she is sent to Italy to train for a new position that she has been working for. While there she meets two people that turn her world upside down.

She must decide what path in life is the right path for her. A questions we are all given at one point or another in our lifetime. Does she make the right choice? Well, you will have to pick up a copy and read it for yourself.

You ask, Who should read this book? Well, all my books are about women that have been dealt a rough hand in life for one reason or another. Each story whether it is Allison Simms in “Fear Revenge”. Gabrielle Grimaldi” in Gabrielle, lost or Lillian Anderson in “Return to Lily Cove. All three women have an opportunity to change their life’s path one way or another.

All my novels show us that the power to change our life in within us. We just need to find the strength and courage to take the chance. Interesting tidbit for you. “Gabrielle, lost’ had the possibility of a different ending. The story would have taken a very different turn. So I flipped a coin and wrote the one that won.

Where are the places/locations that you get your inspirations for your stories' settings in 'Fear's Revenge'?
The location or inspirations for Fear Revenge locations was a mix of a few locations around the country. The rustic old hunting cabin was set in the woods outside of a small town in Wyoming. The hometown of the main character is San Diego as I have visited there many times.

The location for “Return to Lily Cove” was set on a Lake in central California that we used to visit when I was younger. As I found out later, after I set the scene there, my Grandmother used to skip school and go there with friends back in the day. We had found an old photo of her in a bathing suit. She was sitting near the lake. So the place has sort of a family tie I guess.

The other location in “Return to Lily Cove” is a fictional small town. That I thought of after visiting two different small towns in Washington. So in essence those places and people in there inspired the fictional town in the story.

In “Gabrielle, lost” the hometown is once again San Diego as this is where the character lived when she was first introduced in Fears Revenge. Then she travels to Italy. I had never been lucky enough to travel there myself, but listening to friends that have been there and doing a lot of research, and I mean a lot. I was able to put the story together.

Speaking of researching, you must do a certain amount of research when you are telling a story. While writing “Gabrielle, lost” I did a lot of research. Months and months worth of it. I was beginning to think I was never going to learn enough to finish the story. In the end I was happy with the story. So I hope my readers are too. With each novel I have learned a lot on a personal level. So I guess writing is a life learning process for me as well.

Do you plan to write a trilogy? Why yes (or why not)
Well, so far all my published works are all connected. In my first novel “Fears Revenge” you are introduced to a group of four college friends, Allison, Lillian, Gabrielle and Catherine. “Fears revenge was Allison story. “Return to Lily Cove” was Lillian’s story. “Gabrielle, lost’ was Gabrielle story and now I am currently finishing up there series with “Feathers in the Wind” which is Catherine’s story. I hope to have this one out later this year.

After that I already have two more independent novels started. One set in San Francisco and Colorado. The other is San Francisco and Alaska. So I have some more stories of strong independent women coming in the future.

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