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Today our guest is Annette. She sells her own designs with her own brand, called Miniki. She designs and sews clothes for preemie, baby and children. Her goal is to get a world-renowned fashion brand. We have conducted an interview with her.

For babies as small as 500grams, what should his/her mother note when buying and preparing clothes?
Babies small as 500 grams, need soft, loose clothing, without indevendig befitting that can bother the delicate and sensitive skin. The clothing must also be easily and quickly opened, should there be an emergency. It should also be readily available for any hoses and wires. The clothes must be like to be a little too big, so it is comfortable for the premature, to wear.

What special fabric do you use and what considerations are important when deciding which material to use for premature babies?
I only use soft fabrics such as cotton Jersey, flannel and fleece. I focus on that it is comfortable to wear for the preterm. In my collection for premature, I have right now vests with pushbuttons in very soft cotton jersey, as well as caps and gowns with elastic at the bottom for easy diaper changes. For newborns, babies and toddlers, I have dresses, tees with long sleeves, Hoddies and baggy pants.

Which items are in your collection? What new items will be included in the near future?
During the spring, there will be a much larger selection of both preterm babies and toddlers. There will be several hats, mittens, jackets and gowns. For newborns, babies and toddlers comes bodystockings, overalls, dresses, headbands, pajamas and two-piece set with pants and blouses, dresses and gamascher, summer dresses and bloomers and shorts with tees.

This autumn will further get-piece fleece that can be worn out as well as sweaters and jackets. At Christmas there will further be a sweet selection of Christmas items such as dresses, sets, pants and shirts for newborns, babies and toddlers.

What inspires you to design and sew clothes for preemie, babies and toddlers?
Although it is Danish design I am inspired by children's fashion from the United States. I have always been fascinated by the American style, with bright delicate colors for newborns and babies, as well as the bright colors and glitter for babies and toddlers. When I design, it is in order that it must be unique and lasting and that it can match the various parts with each other, so you can make several different "sets" with few parts clothes. MINIKI represents a Danish design in the best quality for so cheap price as possible. The Committee should be broad for both premature baby and toddlers.

What is currently Miniki Brand representing? To which extend do you hope to see Miniki to flourish in 5 years time?
In 5 years I hope to MINIKI has become a famous brand in the United States. I hope that physical and online shops will be interested in selling my design. In addition, I will shortly, could offer drop shipping and Wholesale. Farther in the future, I hope to MINIKI known and popular in the international market.

It takes a lot to work my way up, but it's worth it. I would love to be able to celebrate my future customers with confidence, joy and an optimal service. My customers' satisfaction means a lot to me and can also inspire me to achieve my desired goals.

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