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Mounday Digital

Our guest tonight is Sterling Mounday from Milwaukee, Wi. He and his Twin Bro run a multi media Digital marketing business called Mounday Digital (MdVisualz). They provide Graphic design & Drafting, Photography, Videography, Dj, and Promotional services. He is also Signed under Rebel Religion Music groups Media Team. We have conducted an interview with him.

Who provides the DJ services in your multimedia digital marketing business MdVisualz?
My Brother Ste'phon runs all of the DJ services for Mdvisualz. He Goes by "6K the Stoner".

What other services do you provide in Mounday Digital?
We are a business "imaging" based company. From any everything to Photography, Videography, Graphic communications & Drafting, Website SEO, Brand development, Advertising campaign, Logo Design, Voice overs/Jingles, Audio Engineer, Songwriting,Magazine/Publication, Printing,Dj Service, Social Media Promotions,Video and Audio Editing,Music Production/Studio, Video/Film Production,Advertising campaign.

Where can we see some of your portfolio?
You can find all of my videos on Youtube:
You can find my art and work on Facebook: 
Photos on Instagram @mdvisuals

What is 'Rebel Religion'?
Rebel Religion is a Music Group out of the Midwest. It is a brotherhood of entertainers who go against the odds and go the above and beyond to make there dreams come to life.

Where do you and your twin brother gets inspiration for your creativity in your work?
When it comes to video treatment, it all depends on the music and the vibe it gives you. We've always had a artist hand at art, so the Graphic Design came to me like walking. We've work with tons of musicians independent and industry so we can pretty much say our lives revolve around nothing but music, music, music! All genres.

Which is the most creative piece you have done for your clients so far?
The Weddings

What was the testimonial?
The actual Testimonial :: "Our Wedding ceremony was so beautiful, When I called Mdvisualz i thought i was just getting a Recap of our wedding, but instead we got a movie! They captured the moment so perfect and we get to live it again and again when ever we want!
The Campbell's"

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