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Mr Guidee

Mahmoud Al-Sholi was born and raised in Malmo, a small city located in the southern parts of Sweden. He started off in the Internet Marketing world at the early age of 12 where he wrote and sold e-Books to users of online communities. He currently operates a platform named Mr Guidee which revolves around solving problems in a simplified matter. We have conducted an interview with him.

Who is the platform 'Mr Guidee' for? How does it help its users?
Mr Guidee is an online platform designed to provide educational resources as well as solutions to everyday problems in a simplified form. Our solutions are published on the main page in a simplified and dynamic step-by-step process which ensures that our Guidees (the people who regularly visit the platform) not only gets their problems solved but also learns to prevent any of them from happening again as well as get the ability to educate others who may encounter the same issues.

How do you plan to encourage a lot of users to this platform?
I have recently launched Mr Guidee (barely a month ago) and what I am more focused on during this year is building engagement by providing as much content as possible. The more solutions there is, the higher the chances of having people regularly visit the platform looking for a solution.

Why is participation an important essence for the success of the platform?
Participation is highly important and I am now talking about Guidee participation, if we don't have people engaging as well as letting us know what helped them and what didn't, we'll have difficulties improving their experiences throughout the platform. As for recruiting Guiders (contributors to the platform) I am not in a hurry for it as we've recently launched and it's common sense that people will wait and see what happens rather than just taking the step forward and begin contributing without actually knowing whether the platform is there to stay or not. Time is really important to me and the thing is you can never know how things could play out and I really do not want to waste anybody's time should we not be here to stay.

As a founder, do you foresee people to read more of the online resources on platform than the usage of e-Books?
It's totally up to their needs. On the Guider Hub (digital book marketplace) educational books are published in digital format and can come either with a price tag or not which depends on the author's preferences, however, on the main page solutions to certain problems can be found and if they can solve your problems then they can be of great use. They can also be of great use if your intentions are to learn in order prevent them from ever happening to you or someone in your surroundings. I'd rather have people take full advantage of what the platform has to offer than to prioritize things.

Which is the most difficult challenge to encounter in the creation of 'Mr Guidee' from the beginning til its founding?
Even though things tend to get rough every now and then, I would say that it was the moment when I almost had to give up the project back in December last year literally because I had made a very stupid mistake of not backing up my things and so when it was go-time (I planned to launch in December 25th of 2015) I had written a code that literally broke the platform and thus had me re-do everything from scratch. Shockingly everything I had written as well as essential files had suddenly vanished which caused a real panic, however, looking on the bright side, I had also learnt something useful from this experience. Backing up is more important than what people actually think it is. Always create frequent backups of your important files and/or documents, it'll help trust me.

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