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Nancy Sparks photography

Tonight our guest is Nancy Sparks, from Cleveland, Ohio. She enjoys photography in her spare time. About 5 years ago, she started to print her photos onto various items, ranging from wrapped canvas prints, posters, mugs, magnets for gifts. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which are the criteria you use for the photograph to be selected for your online store?
The first criteria that I considered for the photos used in my online store, is that there is no place like home. Most of the photos I have used with success on items, were taken within 5 miles of my home.I like nature photos, daisies, and red cardinal birds.I wanted to represent local nature and my hometown Cleveland,OH in my photos used. I try to take unique or interesting photos.

What inspires you in the first place for printing your photos into wrapped canvas?
My inspiration to put the photos on wrapped canvas came when I became a better photographer, and friends purchased some of my larger photos as posters and canvas prints. Cleveland items and nature prints so far have been the most popular.I have a photo of an egret at sunset, reflected in a lake. This photo inspired me to to make wrapped canvas prints.

How would you describe your photography style and what kind of subjects or objects do you like to capture?
My style of photos are, I like to capture what I saw and share it, without photoshop. i like to take an interesting photo straight from the camera, for example a animal or bird photo, and present it on an item to see if I can make that item unique.

I like to go for a walk and take photos of different subjects in the area, depending on the light, the time of year, the season. Sometimes my walks focus on birds or animals, some times of the year I take flower photos and other times I an interested in taking photos of my hometown, Cleveland, Ohio.

What are the equipment you use to produce these photography work?
I use a Nikon Coolpix L840 to take my photos. It is a lightweight, useful camera that has a good zoom lens and has a birdwatching setting, to take close photos of birds and animals.

Combining your photography and the possibilities to create them into something useful, which is the most practical item in your personal opinion?
The most practical items in my store, produced with my photos on them, are my home products-mugs, plates, pillows, bags. The home decorating items are purchased by many people, as items that are unique and not seen in stores. People seem to enjoy fresh photo design on items that hasn't been seen before.

Which is the bestseller photograph or print item in your online Zazzle store?
The best selling items in my store are my Cleveland, Ohio postcards. I have sold hundreds of these postcards, all over the world. This is why I enjoy having an online international store.

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