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Nishani is launching a new social networking website for entrepreneurs where they are paying members for referring new entrepreneurs. We have conducted an interview with him.

Who is your key inspiration to be an Internet Entrepreneur? When did you start its development?
After finishing my post-graduation in computers in 2002, I started working as an IT professional in an MNC and was doing only job till 2007. At that time I came across the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. From then Robert Kiyosaki is my inspiration and I learned a lot from his experience and advice through his books and blogs. Then my entrepreneurial mindset started thinking of starting something on my own and being in the IT industry, I was interested in starting business online. I started making some blog sites and at that time made money using Google Adsense. Later got an idea to start a social networking site seeing how crazy people are towards it. They don't get any benefit out of it, but all stay glued to it day n night. So I got an idea to reward those members too. Why we should not pay them also even though they being the reason for the success of any social networking site as they only put the contents and posts. With this idea in mind, I started a Social Networking site for teens that time, where I used to pay all members for playing games, posting pictures, referring friends and for each and every activity they do in the site and later I sold it for a huge profit in

Then I started my Web traffic selling business and Web Development Company by the name and we are now top web traffic providers in US, UK and many other countries. Recently I got again the idea of developing another Business Networking site for Entrepreneurs as there is no popular site for Entrepreneurs available as of now and all are depending on Facebook and LinkedIn for socializing. Here also am going to reward my members on a revenue share model and all paid members will be getting referral commissions every month. Me and my Wife Shalini is now fully working on this project.

What is the unique function of your new Business Networking site and how different is it from the existing 'infrastructures and platforms'?
As mentioned earlier, we are making this social networking site on a revenue share model. Me and my Wife, Shalini are working very hard on this new Online Business Networking website and it will bring a lot of exiting features to keep all Entrepreneurs entertained! So stay tuned, it will be worth waiting for the launch! We are planning to launch the site on July 30th which is my Son, Ishaan’s 1st year Birthday too ! So it is a birthday gift from me and my wife to him too.

How much could your target user of your site make per month or per year?
The earning potential is unlimited. If you are an Internet Marketer with good email list then you can earn more than $10000 easily every month. And the main part is that the commission will be paid every month and not one time. So on autopilot they will get the money every month and it will go high only as they refer more entrepreneurs to the site. For a newbie also it will be very easy to make money as now a days all are interested in revenue share model business. You can see how much successful is Online Ad revenue share business these days as daily 10-15 sites are getting launched on same platform.

What is your target goal by 2016?
In 2016, my main goal is to make reach the mass all over the world and we can be the reason for everyone to make money online without much struggle by just referring their near and dear ones. Everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit in them. But no one is ready to implement their ideas, but everyone has some or other ideas in their mind. So our goal is to push them to next level by motivating them to implement their ideas by socializing with successful entrepreneurs in our website and get motivated by knowing their struggle in the beginning and their success stories achieved through pure perseverance. Also we are in the process of registering our Pvt Ltd company and we will be giving out equity shares to Investors, so that we can market more our site to reach target audience in short span of time.

Why is it useful or important for entrepreneurs to use this new social networking website?
You know these days from teens to elder people; all are online always on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and all other popular sites. But what they get in return for spending so much time in these sites? Nothing! So we want to stand apart from this entire successful site by rewarding our members for being part of our community. Our goal is to provide Entrepreneurs a place to grow their Business and same time earn money also while socializing and sharing ideas with other like-minded Entrepreneurs!

We also want our members to help our website explode, and to reward them we will pay them each and every month commissions on autopilot for their referrals! Also for Entrepreneurs it will be useful for finding co-founders, investors, advisors and marketing professional using our platform. We are planning to keep offline get together also for all entrepreneurs in their area to meet face to face and share ideas and grow their business too. So it will be worth waiting for the launch of our website, Stay tuned!

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