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NXICON (No eXcuses I Can Overcome Negativity) is an artist, actor and author from Atlanta, Georgia. We have conducted an interview with him.

How long have you been producing and making Hip Hop Rap music? 
I've been doing music for about 15 years. I got into it by finding an album that my mother did when I was younger and that motivated me to get into music. Although she does Gospel, it was still and is still a big motivation to and for me.

Who have you worked/collaborated with?
I've only had the opportunity to collaborate with local artists, Queen Supreme, SIVAD and a rapper out of Memphis named Dwele Days. I would love to collaborate with T.I., DJ Khaled and ICE CUBE would be bomb! Any west coast artist would just do it. From my home state, I would love to collab with Eminem.

Which is your favourite track/album so far?
My favorite track right now is a toss up between Goin On and It's My Time. My favorite albums by me is my free project "IS U DOWN" and "Trust Issues". My favorite album 2Pac Me Against The World because that's how I feel most of the time.

Who writes the lyrics for your music?
I write every single word and syllable of all of my lyrics. Everything is from a personal experience of some sort and a ghost writer (no offense) could ever put it the way that I'm feeling at that time.

What inspires you to write about psychopath, mayhem and torture for your novel 'Brutal'?
It actually came from a mix of a dream and just trying to make the character the most devious, smart, but deadly person that you would never want to meet. He's not your average but he's someone that would see everyday and not think that he had or was capable of such evil.

Why did you choose this genre?
It was something different and a challenge from my other two books LOVE FOR THE GAME 1 and 2 which are Gangster novels. A couple of the characters from those books make appearances in BRUTAL tho which makes it a little more interesting. It's also written from a different perspective as those two. I don't think that an author should confines themselves to one genre because you never know what your mind is coming up with if you stay on only one.

What were your roles in your acting career so far?
I've played so far, Thugs, a Vampire, Hitman, Police Officer, Rogue Federal Agent, Deacons and Elders. I even pushed myself and played a geeky Social Worker.

What other new roles would you like to take on to challenge your acting skills further?
I would love to play the lead or even a superhero at least once. I'm a pretty tense and serious person so anything that takes me out of that realm is a challenge for me.

Which book of yours would you recommend for making into a film?
I would love to see BRUTAL turned into a movie. Although I love my Love For The Game Series, there are so many gangster and hood movies. I think that BRUTAL if done right could add a new level to the Horror/Suspense genre.

Who would you like to cast for the key role in the story?
I think that Anthony Mackie would make a good Ray/Samuel. Alternates would be either Columbus Short and I think Brandon T. Jackson may even be able to pull it off. He's a little crazy. Cool dude tho but crazy!

Because to me they're unassuming. Typical men that you wouldn't really expect to be kidnapping and torturing people. They don't have the look or demeanor of a psychopath which is what I think would throw people off.

I would really like to thank you for this honor and opportunity to be interviewed. It's people like you that keep us independents grinding!

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